ufcgymThe UFC brand has recently been spreading its wings worldwide to several different areas. Some are far from being related to MMA (Poker) while others are a perfect fit, like the UFC Gym. The UFC, roughly three weeks ago, opened the first UFC Gym in Concord, California. Now if you’re like me you say, “why Concord and not some major market like LA”. Well there is a good reason for this; the UFC is not the sole owner’s as they are partners with former CEO and founder of 24hr fitness Mark Mastrov. Mastrov is the one actually running the gym since the Fertittas and Dana White are kind of busy. They choose Concord so Mastrov, who lives in the area, (15 minutes away), could be close to the gym and be hands on.

The UFC Gym is like no other gym I have ever seen and the best description would be the best gym combined with a training centerUFC Gym 144/fight school. The place literally has everything under one roof including weights, cardio, Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, kick boxing, aerobics, state of the art machines, oh and lets not forget an Octagon. They even have a room in the back that has big tires to flip and hit with a sledgehammer. Literally everything you could ask for right, yet there is more. There is also a store there where you can get your UFC gear and supplements. In the store they will also have a food bar where members can get oatmeal, chicken, shakes and other healthy items at a very low price.

Now I’m sure you are thinking a UFC Gym is geared to the hardcore and not the average everyday person. The Senior VP of the Gym states they are not geared to any one particular cliental but more geared towards total body health. Seeing the couple hundred members there when I toured confirmed that, every training area from cardio to Muay Thai to pilates had members working out.

The Gym is not for adults only; kids can become a member and can train in a mix of Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai and wrestling privately away from the adults. As part of the training they will get belts and test when they are ready for the next level. If their Parent is a member also, while the adult is working out the little one can play in their active focused childcare. This isn’t your normal day care you’d see at a 24 hr gym, its wide open with things that promote activity.

Now for the part everyone has been thinking since the first paragraph, how much! Well not to worry, I have that and you’ll be surprised by what you read. They currently have two different memberships for adults and one for the young ones. For the adults you have a basic no frills membership at $39.00, which gets you the use of all the machines and equipment but nothing more. The next membership is $90.00, which is going to seem like a lot until you break down what it all includes. This membership includes everything so if it’s offered you’ll get it at no extra cost. You’ll also get a username and password to log into their system where you can pick from over 800 classes offered a month. These classes do include the Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, kick boxing, etc that is offered. So for $90.00 a month you get your gym workout plus whatever training you could want all under one roof. The kid’s membership that I explained above is $69.00 and includes training and the childcare.

Well, there you have it, I’d like to thank the UFC Gym and their Senior VP Adam Sedlack for taking the time to give me a great informative tour and answer any questions I had.

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