Do you know MMA Melee?

Many of us use social networks like Twitter and Facebook for are networking needs. They are social main stays that are a part of everyday life for many. These sites are general and if you wish to network with the MMA community you have to do some searching. This will still only net you a portion of the MMA community leaving you to search more.

What if there was a social networking setup like Facebook but catering to the MMA Community?

Enter MMA Melee: The community of combat. A social network very similar to facebook yet setup for one specific niche, Mixed Martial Arts. The idea started in 2007 while watching the first season of tapout on versus. Its original plan was to help find training partners in your local area to work on areas of weakness.

Once developing closed though it had turned into a full-blown social networking site not just for fighters but the entire MMA community. Complete with forums, groups, blogs, videos and much more. One thing that sets it apart are the very detailed and fighter geared member profiles. If you’re a fighter you can list your record, fights and if you are looking for training or sparring. Another great feature is the classified section where fighters, sponsors and promoters can post their needs and see others out there can help.

I’m sure many will think, “Oh this is just another social network…” but think about this. Almost half of the registered members of MMA Melee are in fact fighters and they are an active participate in the network. Name me another social network that supports up and coming fighters on their network, traveling to see them fight and even sponsoring them. Something they are working on that is very exciting is live feed to MMA shows and fights, where you can log onto the network and watch the feed for free. Now does “your” social network do all that for you? If not sign up at MMA Melee now.

Popularity: 42% [?]

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4 Responses to “Do you know MMA Melee?”

  1. MMA Melee changes lives, they are very hands on and interact and help people in any area of mixed martial arts. The have nutrition advice, workout planning tips, a news section, a place to showcase your fight vids, and so much more. I too suggest them to everyone in MMA, you could be a fan, manager, promoter,writer, or fighter and there will always be help for you there, and more contacts to network with. Everything from Jesus didn’t tap, to Cowboy cerrone – check it out

  2. killjoy_ says:

    Thanks for the added info and your passion for MMA Melee

  3. MaZZacare says:

    I am checking them out now

  4. Larry Novak says:

    Excellent site, they have helped Tattoo Fightwear to a great extent.

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