Making the Cut Heavyweight to Middle Weight

So I have decided to form a well know and popular / accessible diet to the MMA world, for those who want to make a substantial weight cut a few months before a fight. Don’t worry if you are not a fighter I will go over many things that can help us all get to where you want to be. I will start of with a little about myself. At my prime / best weight I am around 188 pounds, but after I got out of the military my weight has fluctuated a lot and is now on an endless rise. I feel stronger than ever and have been more concerned about throwing up a lot of weight in the gym, and less about my actual overall health. I have been enjoying the fine foods of the world and since I am married, not worried about being in great beach form for everyone around me. I have to admit I am quite the mess right now (even though I honestly put on 5 or so pounds just to make this seem more legit) and am here to show a good example on how I used the “South Beach Diet” and formed it into minimal water and muscle loss but getting rid of that troublesome fat around the mid section and in my legs.

I will list out my meals, my daily loss, my struggles, my workouts, and my mental state / visible body changes. This is not the Atkins diet at all people, they eat it all, it has three phases, and they focus on eating better fats and foods that are low on the Glycemic Index (fat processing for your body).  I am going to stick to workout involving things a MMA fan or even a fighter can get real accessible. I have; a treadmill, a set of perfect push-ups, TNT cables (Google it costs 30 dollars) YouTube workouts, a heavy bag, jump rope, and an Olympic standard bench press. I also have a Gym membership which I will use but my results can be mimicked at home with a little more dedication.  This blog will last for 2 weeks, but if I am close to breaking 190 may overlap a few days, based on people interest in the subject. Please feel free to comment in the comment section, any question you have and I will get back to you ASAP. I will also be available privately by email @ [email protected] for any of you who have personal questions.

Start Date: March 21st 2010

Starting Weight: 219.8   Heavyweight              Goal: 188 Middle Weight (missed by 3 or so pounds)

Body Fat Percent:  27.6% Very bad                   Goal:  16% or less 12 would be optimum but hard to reach

Body Water: 51.7 %                                                     Goal: to keep as close to 51.7% as possible

Muscle Mass: 76.5 Lb                                                Goal: 76.5 or higher

Bone Mass: 9.8 pounds    (this number should not change should always read 9.6-9.9 pounds)

Written by: Staff Writer

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  1. FitQuickTrix says:

    Today was the beggining of my diet. No workout today because I was still shopping for all my food to conform to phase 1 of the South beach diet. Also with MMA coverage, and Ufc on VS today was a incredibly packed day. For breakfast I consumed 3 egg whites one yolk, mixed with mushrooms and canadian bacon (2 slices). I snacked on unsalted almonds, and skim cheese sticks all day. For lunch I ate @ boston market on some white meat chicken, collard greens, and green beans. For dinner I had a seared tuna steak, with sprouts and shitake mushrooms. I suggest picking up The south beach diet @ Walmart for 12 dollars.

    this is the most simple day for my blog writeup, so I apologize for being so busy today.

    Weight 216.8
    BodyFat 26.6
    BodyWater 52.8
    Muscle Mass 76.5 pounds
    Bone Mass 9.7 pounds

    Wow Improvement without much work eh?

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