The Energiza Bunny Chucky Mady

Chucky Mady will be fighting in Ringside MMA on June 18 with his opponent being Dimitri Waardenburg.   

I’ve seen this kid in action at King of the Cage and he’s pretty flashy and exciting to watch. Mady says that his fights normally capture fight of the night, submission of the night or knock out of the night which is one of the reasons people should come out and watch him fight. 

Mady is only 21 but he’s got over 170 bouts in full contact Karate and Kickboxing, started fighting amateur in MMA at the age of 16 then turned pro at 19. Mady says he knows Waardenburg is a Muay Thai fighter and he’s been preparing for him accordingly. 

“My Karate background helps my stand up because I can throw technique from both sides, also my technique is sharp and I land 90% of everything I throw as of right now” says Mady

This Windsor native has quite a resume of video’s to show for himself of a lot of his fights ending in knock out. Just type in “Chucky Mady” in your YouTube search and see for yourself. Unlike some of the other 135‘ers Mady doesn’t have to go over board trying to cut down he tries to maintain a good weight so when it comes down to weigh ins he’s not drained from a weight cut. 

“Its not hard to find fights in my weight class but it’s hard to find someone to fight me because I have over 170 full contact karate fights and kickboxing.”

Mady feels like cardio is his biggest strength, saying that they call him the “The Energiza Bunny” so he has to last longer then anyone he fights and feels he’s got to live up to the name. 

The Energiza Bunny

You can catch Chucky Mady at Ringside MMA 7 – No Escape at the Entre Pierre-Charbonneauin Montreal Quebec. For tickets call the Ovation network at (514) 255-5222 or catch the live stream on the Ringside MMA’s Official website at (for a low fee).

Mady would like to thank his following sponsors for their support:

Canadian Fight Wear

The Beach Sports Bar and Grill

Cobo Joes 


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