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Following the late breaking news of Dan Downes stepping into a WEC event fight less than a week before the event. MMA Valor caught up with him to take some time out of his extremely busy training schedule to ask a few questions. We kept it short and sweet so the fans can get a quick peek into a rising star before his debut.

MMAVALOR – I see you turned pro in 2007, how long have you been training MMA and what made you get into the sport / end up at the Duke Rufus Gym?

DOWNES- I started training with Duke in 2004.  At first it was just something to do during rugby offseason conditioning.  My parents never let me do martial arts as kids so I figured why not try it out.  Also, since I just thought I’d be doing it for a couple months, I didn’t want to do a traditional martial art and get bogged down in the whole belt system.  So I just did a Google search and found Duke’s gym. Eventually I got hooked at its led me to where I am now.

MMAVALOR - Your next opponent is coming off a highlight reel TKO loss, and you seem to have what it takes to stop guys at 155 is that your plan for your WEC Debut?

DOWNES -That’s exactly the plan. Chris is a great opponent and a huge step up in competition, but I train with his caliber of guys all the time at Roufusport.  If people expect me to be scared and back off, they are sorely mistaken

MMAVALOR - Have you ever traveled to Canada or been outside of the USA to fight?

DOWNES - Never been to Canada or outside the USA to fight.  As long as the customs guys don’t get too grabby I don’t see how it’ll be different from any other fight.  Plus, I’ve always wanted to find out why Tim Horton’s is such a big deal up there, and after weigh-ins, I’ll finally have the chance.

MMAVALOR - Who are your main sponsors for this fight?

DOWNES - Still working on that.  Taking a fight on short notice doesn’t give you a whole bunch of time to get things in order, but I’ve been sponsored by Tokyo Five and Full Tilt Poker before so I’m sure they’ll help out again.

MMAVALOR - Have you recently been interested in joining the WEC with your training partner, or has this been the goal since you turned pro?

DOWNES - I turned pro with the goal of making it to the big show.  Lots of guys are content to idle away at the local level and be a big fish in a small pond.  Not I, from the start I wanted to make it to a platform like the WEC and now it’s my chance to show what I’m capable of.

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  1. Bobby Bourke says:

    I’m not surprised to see that “Danny Boy” Downes is a fighter now. He was one of the meanest kids in our school!

  2. killjoy_ says:

    Really man, I hope he didn’t beat you up and take your lunch money though. LOL

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