UFC 118 fan predictions

UFC 118 is just days away and even though much of the talk has been about the Randy Couture vs. James Toney fight the entire card is solid. The main card is a lightweight championship rematch between current champ Frankie Edgar against former champ BJ Penn.  Along with the Couture vs. Toney fight the main card is rounded out with Demian Maia vs. Mario Miranda, Kenny Florian vs. Gray Maynard and Nate Diaz vs. Marcus Davis.

Spike will air two undercard fights starting at 6pm pacific time with Joe Lauzon vs. Gabe Ruediger and Nik Lentz vs. Andre Winner. The remainder of the card consists of three fights to complete the 10 fight card.

We are doing something a little different with our predictions for this card. Four fans of the site were given the opportunity to submit their picks. What they didn’t know was that the one who has the best picks will get to do it again at UFC 119. Here are the fans picks for UFC 118:

UFC 118 Dylan Horner Sean Dunn Ryan Mcginnis Joe Carron
Frankie Edgar BJ Penn BJ Penn BJ Penn BJ Penn
Vs. BJ Penn
Randy coture Randy Couture Randy Couture Randy Couture Randy Couture
vs. James Toney
Kenny Florian Gray Maynard Gray Maynard Gray Maynard Kenny Florian
vs. Gray Maynard
Demian Maia vs. Demian Maia Demian Maia Demian Maia Mario Miranda
Mario Miranda
Nate Diaz Marcus Davis Marcus Davis Marcus Davis Marcus Davis
vs. Marcus Davis
Joe Lauzon vs. Joe Lauzon Joe Lauzon Joe Lauzon Gabe Ruediger
Gabe Ruediger
Nik Lentz vs. Nik Lentz Nik Lentz Nik Lentz Andre Winner
Andre Winner
Dan Miller Dan Miller Dan Miller Dan Miller Dan Miller
vs. John Salter
Nick Osipczak  Greg Soto Nick Osipczak  Greg Soto Greg Soto
vs. Greg Soto
Amilcar Alves  Mike Pierce Mike Pierce Amilar Alves Mike Pierce
vs. Mike Pierce

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One Response to UFC 118 fan predictions

  1. Demolition Man says:

    1st: James Toney has a huge damn mouth, Randy will cut the distance, clinch and go on for some dirty boxing. This will definitely frustrate Toney which will then want to do some boxing of his own (possibly looking for a knock out) Randy will take advantage of this taking Toney to the ground for some “good old fashion” GROUND AND POUND.

    2nd: BJ Penn is dangerous when he is unhappy. and let me tell you something BJ is a little under the weather right now, NOT GOOD FOR EDGAR. The 2 will definitely be looking for a quick KO, both are fast but I give BJ the edge for being Pissed Off.

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