XFC 15: Tribute Recap and Results


Another solid card on HDNet tonight with XFC 15: Tribute from the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, Florida. With inspirational stories and fighters on the comeback, XFC 15 had a little bit of everything for the fans in attendance and watching in high-definition.

145 lbs.: Marlon Moraes defeated Chris Manuel by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

  • Round one was all Marlon Moraes who was throwing combos for every single punch from Chris Manuel. A spinning heel kick to the head rocked Manuel towards the end of the opening round. The combos continued in round two and Moraes controlled the center of the cage the entire round. Nothing but the same in the final round, Moraes slowed down a little bit but was in complete control.

185 lbs.: Ryan Thomas defeated John Kolosci by 1st rd submission (Top side triangle)

  • Ryan Thomas gets an early takedown and smothers John Kolosci. Thomas attempts a few submissions that don’t pan out but after the two get back to the feet briefly Thomas gets the fight down again. From there Thomas swings his leg over the head of Kolosci and shortly thereafter the fight is over.

+265 lbs.: Brandon Sayles defeated Imani Lee by 1st rd. Verbal Submission

  • Both fighters are just over 300 pounds. Brandon Sayles comes out the aggressor and begins peppering the face of Imani Lee. The two trade strikes but Lee is quickly fading and forgetting to punch. Sayles takes Lee down and easily moves to full mount and drops the ground and pound until the fight is stopped.

170 lbs.: Corey Hill defeated Charlie Rader by 1st rd. Submission (Darce Choke)

  • The two came out striking; Corey Hill gets a takedown and moves to side control. Grinding elbows to the face and body shots from hill softened up Charlie Rader. As Rader explodes for a standup the lanky Hill wraps his arms around the neck of Rader for a Darce choke submission.

155 lbs.: Nick Newell defeated Denis Hernandez by 1st rd. Submission (Heel Hook)

  • Right as the round starts Nick Newell clinches with Denis Hernandez and takes in down. Newell drops the ground and pound from full guard until he leans back and grabs a nasty heel hook that forces Hernandez to tap just 71 seconds into the fight.

115 lbs.: Carla Esparza defeated Felice Herrig by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

  • Just 20 seconds into the fight Carla Esparza takes down Felice Herrig and just completely stifles the Muay Thai fighter. Herrig cannot break free from Esparza and when the round ends she has massive swelling on the forehead above the left eye. Herrig comes out with a takedown of her own in round two but the wrestler fights her way on top. Esparza stays in top position until the referee stands them up with one minute left in the round but Esparza got the fight to the ground again. Round three looked like round two; little damage from Esparza but in top position the majority of the round. Herrig does get a very close submission halfway through the round but Esparza escapes. As the fight nears the end the fighters get stoop up and Herrig lands a couple good shot little too late.

155 lbs.: Eric Reynolds defeated Jonatas Novaes by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

  • Right away Jonatas Novaes ducks in for a takedown and would eventually get Eric Reynolds on his back. From there he gets full mount three separate times, looking for an armbar each time. Somehow Reynolds escapes a deep armbar and ends up on top with a minute left to go in the round. Novaes gets another early takedown and moves to the back of Reynolds looking for a rear naked choke. Reynolds escapes and the two stand up where he begins to pick apart Novaes, who has slowed down big time. Novaes has little left in the tank in the final round and he’s getting stuffed on takedowns and dominated in the standup. The last three minutes are slopping and filled with boos from the crowd.

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