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Ultimate Fighter 13: Recap of Episode 4

TUF 13 Ultimate Fighter 13: Recap of Episode 4

Following the win by Ryan McGillivray over Len Bentley At last week Ultimate Fighter, Team Dos Santos once again has the control and is pretty about it. Lew Polly says Team Lesnar is not working hard and will get pummeled.

Len Bentley is hoping to get one of the wild card spots and you have to think that with his performance against McGillivray that he is the front-runner for it. During Team Lesnar’s training session, Clay Harvison cannot focus during training and Brock Lesnar sits him down, bringing up worries that his team is lollygagging. 

Fights announced and Team Dos Santos picks Ramsey Nijem to face Charlie Rader from Team Lesnar.

Nijem appears to be the goofball of the season who likes to paint his toe nails, watch Glee over MMA and runs around the house naked. Playing the part well though, Nijem has Team Lesnar wondering if he even knows that he’ll need to fight soon.

Mat Hughes joins Team Lesnar and works one on one with the four horsemen who haven’t fought yet.

Both fighters make-weight easily and are ready to fight. Lesnar notices that Nijem paints his toe nails and tells Rader he cannot lose to him as it would be a disgrace.

Fight time: Ramsey Nijem (4-1) vs. Charlie Rader (14-4)

Round one: Right away Nijem backs Rader against the cage and begins to clinch looking for the takedown. The two jockey for position with their hands exchanging the occasional knees. They separate after a knee from Nijem performs the standard cup check on Rader. Nijem puts Rader against the cage again, controlling him without too much damage and then with just over a minute left Nijem final gets a takedown. Rader gets up but is put against the cage again and taken down again and Nijem ends the round in side control.

Round Two: Rader opens the round by missing a few haymakers that allow Nijem to get another takedown. Nijem moves to his back which allows Rader to reverse and try to get up but Nijem forces him down. Nijem gets the hooks in, pulls Rader over and sinks in the rear naked choke to move onto the next round.

Following the fight Dana White thinks Rader gave up on the fight and tapped out before the choke was even fully in. Lesnar and the coaches agree and were pretty pissed off after the fight which was evident when he lays into the team in the locker room. The rant upsets Len Bentley and he gets up and walks out of the room…….

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