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Ultimate Fighter Pet Peeves!

| October 28, 2012 | Reply

Ultimate Fighter 394x120 Ultimate Fighter Pet Peeves!The Ultimate Fighter is one of the longest running reality series going right now and is what brought the UFC and MMA to where it is right now. Currently in their 18th season overall, The Ultimate Fighter has produced multiple stars and a handful of champions. Along with all that though the series has also developed a lot of annoying habits over the years.

Whether it’s the fighter who losses right away and spends the rest of his time trying to create friction in hopes of getting a fight in the finale or the funny guy who just really isn’t that funny, The Ultimate Fighter has many reoccurring things that quickly turn into pet peeves for those watching.

The Pranks

Some are funny, some are bad and well some are downright wrong. Every season brings a handful of new pranksters looking to kill the time with some childish humor. For every creative prank executed there are several horrible ones that include such acts as urinating on a fighter’s bed or pillow to topping off a fruit platter with something no-so special. Pranks have become more of who can out due the previous season than spur of the moment fun and lets not forget the majority of them aren’t very funny either.

Fighters not backing up their words

All that testosterone in a house together is going to produce arguments, throw in the above mentioned pranks and you’ll almost see a fight break out. From this you get one fighter calling out another one to settle their differences inside the Octagon. Sounds pretty simple right? Well more often than not the fighter ends up fighting someone else and it was all for nothing, what an annoying let down.

Judges Decision

It’s a major issue in MMA as a whole, but with the two round setup of The Ultimate Fighter the bad judging is magnified. To make matters worse, everyone knows just how bad the judging has been and even when they don’t mess things up everyone still thinks they did. Just look at the current season (TUF 16) as a perfect example. Fights that should have gone to a third round do not, fights that look one way surprisingly go the other way and every other decision has been questioned. Since all fights are not finished, how about we get the decisions right!

At least two out of three of these pet peeves were practically eliminated with live format of The Ultimate Fighter that other lasted one season. What are some of your Ultimate Fighter pet peeves?

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