Ultimate Fighter 13 Recap of Episode 8: Time for the Quarterfinals

TUF 13 QF1


The episode starts off with Shamar Bailey talking with Justin about his back hurting him, but that he’d be fine with a little pain. Especially when he wants to shut Chris Cope up, as the rivals will meet in tonight’s second quarterfinal fight.

Junior Dos Santos holds Ramsey Nijem in high regard and thinks he’s the one to win it all, “Ramsey is going to beat Clay for sure,” said Dos Santos.

Brian Stann and Dana White walk into the gym. Stann is there to talk with the fighters for the marines. He talks about the marines but more importantly what it takes to be a UFC fighter.

Team Lesnar works with both Clay Harvison and Chris Cope on their wrestling, since both will be fighting wrestling based fighters in the quarterfinals.

It’s time now for the quarterfinal fight #1 between Clay Harvison of Team Lesnar and Remsey Nijem from Team Dos Santos.

Round one: The fighters touch gloves and Ramsey sneaks in a overhand right that’s catches his opponent. Clay hurries in after that and leaves himself open for an easy takedown, right into Ramsey’s strength. Ramsey quickly moves to the back of Clay as he is trying to get up. Clay has little to offer in trying to escape and Ramsey finishes him with a rear naked choke just 56 seconds into the fight. Ramsey Nijem (Team Dos Santos) advances to the semifinals.

Back to training now and with Shamar’s back feeling better Dos Santos thinks he is better than Chris in every aspect of the game. Chris is still having fun and Lesnar thinks Shamar will come out strong, so Chris just needs to weather the early storm.

After the weigh ins Chris and Nordin Asrih work on the game plan of Shamar since Nordin has already fought him.

It’s Time for the quarterfinal fight #2 with Chris Cope of Team Lesnar taking on Shamar Bailey of Team Dos Santos.

Round one: The two don’t touch gloves and Shamar does in fact come out aggressive to start the fight. Shamar goes for a takedown 90 seconds into the fight but Chris defends it well and the two separate. Chris is getting the better of the stand up even though he is backing up. Shamar clinches again and after the two exchange knees before separating as the round ends.

Round two: Chris comes out more aggressive, “letting his hands go” as both Lesnar and Dana White suggested. Chris is using lots of movement and his jamb whenever Shamar gets close. Finally though Shamar gets close enough to clinch but doesn’t go for the takedown and Chris is able to separate. Shamar looks like he is fading but once again shoots and has his takedown attempt stuffed. Chris is getting the better of the striking again and Shamar cannot score a takedown. The down ends with the two in the clinch and Chris landing multiple hammerfists.

The judges give both rounds to Chris Cope, the winner by unanimous decision and advancing to the semifinals. Both Shamar and Dos Santos can’t believe the call but Shamar didn’t do much in the fight.

Shamar says he took a risk by standing to show the UFC he was more than a wrestler, then tells Dana White his back was the reason he couldn’t get the takedown……

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