Ultimate fighter 13 Recap Episode 10: The Semifinals

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Things pick up the morning after the drunken blow up between Tony and Charlie and no one wants to talk with Tony. He tries to apologize and say he drank too much (obviously!) and doesn’t remember what he said, but the guys on Team Lesnar aren’t buying it.

Right into the 1st fight between Ramsey Nijem (Team Dos Santos) taking on Chris Cope (Team Lesnar).

Round one: Ramsey comes out the gate putting a lot of pressure on Chris with aggressive striking and clinching. Chris defends the early takedown attempts very well and is punishing Ramsey with hammerfists in the clinch. Ramsey working very hard for the takedown but is coming up empty and the referee separates the two with 90 seconds left in the round. The two exchange strikes the remainder of the round until the bell rings.

Round two: Ramsey begins the round with a brief takedown that Chris is able to quickly get back up from. Still putting loads of pressure on Chris, Ramsey throws multiple strikes while Chris is trying to escape along the cage. A right hand from Ramsey drops Chris and the referee quickly stops the fight after Ramsey forces Chris to turtle up. Ramsey Nijem advances to the finals.

Fight #2 now between public enemy Tony Ferguson and the man that wants to destroy his dream, Chuck O’Neil, both from Team Lesnar.

Round one: A straight kick boxing match in the opening round with Chuck going to the canvas only when Tony catches his leg. Both landing the occasional good shot and each is counterstriking well in the opening round. Tony finishes the round landing three big punches that had Chuck back pedaling.

Round two: Tony controlling the center of the Octagon and now clearly getting the better of the striking. Chuck is bleeding from the nose and his lead leg (left) is getting blown up by the inside leg kicks from Tony. The round ends with Tony in full control of the fight, picking Chuck apart.

Round three: Nothing but the same this round. Tony is out striking Chuck who is just hanging in there on heart along. At the halfway point in the round Tony drops Chuck with a straight right and decides to let him get right back up. Chuck gets dropped again from a body shot that ends the fight as referee has seen enough. Tony Ferguson advances to the finals to face Ramsey Nijem.

Tune into Spike TV on Saturday for the Ultimate Fighter season 13 Finale.

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