GSP to Meet Nick Diaz at UFC 137 in Las Vegas


Showtime tried to stop it, but once Dana sets his mind to something, it’s as good as done.  Strikeforce Welterweight Champion and mean mugging malcontent Nick Diaz will meet UFC Champion and MMA Poster Boy Georges St Pierre in October.

There were a lot of hurdles in the way of this matchup taking place, but when you’re Dana White, hurdles get smaller and problems disappear.  Gone is Nick Diaz’ foray into boxing.  Gone are Showtime’s concerns and attempts to stop the fight.  It’s as easy as ABC in the UFC.

The fight itself is going to do tremendous business and is made possible by a new 8 fight contract signed by Nick Diaz with Zuffa that allows him to move between the UFC and Strikeforce.  It’s a contract unique to Nick Diaz and let’s be honest, the kid deserves it.  He has been active defending his belt in Strikeforce but not cashing in like fighters in the UFC do.

I think that Nick Diaz poses a threat bigger than Jake Shields did when he came from Strikeforce and into the UFC.  While Jake is a talented fighter, Nick Diaz has more than talent.  He has bravado and a mean streak a mile wide and he can will himself into any fight.  He’s just got that “You can’t stop me” gene weaved into his DNA.

For Georges St Pierre’s part in the fight, his wrestling presents a very clear advantage.  Diaz has struggled against the takedown from time to time and GSP has elite level MMA wrestling.  He can stymie anyone at 170 by utilizing his takedowns and athleticism.  That said, it would be a dangerous game for GSP to stand toe to toe with Diaz.  He’s shown a propensity to eat punches willingly to deliver damage of his own.

Nick’s performance against Paul Daley is all anyone needs to see to know that this kid can get the job done.  Nick has won ten fights in a row, but none of those guys, sans Paul Daley would warrant a current UFC contract.  KJ Noons might warrant a contract but he would struggle in the UFC’s talent rich lightweight division.

The fight is perhaps the biggest fight in the Welterweight division right now and Nick Diaz will have a lot of fans in his corner.  Nick is more or less, the Anti-GSP.  While GSP employs a play it safe and win the fight mentality, Nick rumbles out of his corner and looks with every shot to do damage and end the fight.  Nick has been in some wars and will look to bring that attitude right to the refined Georges St Pierre.

Whoever wins this fight can definitely be called the best Welterweight in the world.  Whoever wins this fight is also top three in the world Pound for Pound, so it will be a classic.   These guys are a combined 47-9 in MMA action, against the top level talent in the world.  It could be said that this fight is the fight of the year.

The sports books wasted little time in making GSP a healthy favorite over Nick Diaz.  GSP is -425 and Nick Diaz is +325.  Fact of the matter is, you shouldn’t care if it’s GSP, Anderson Silva, Fedor or King Kong , always take Nick Diaz at +325.  Will he win the fight?  Time will tell.


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