Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Semifinals: Barnett vs. Kharitonov Main card Recap

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The semifinals are in the books and the Strikeforce heavyweight grand prix now has the two men that will battle in the finals early next year. The main card one-upped the undercard with four of the five bouts ending with a finish, one more than the undercard. Along with the two grand prix bouts, there was also a middleweight title fight that would end up being the only fight on the card to go the distance.

Here are the results from the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Semifinals: Barnett vs. Kharitonov Main card:

155 lbs.: Maximo Blanco vs. Pat Healy

The Speed of Blanco caught Healy off guard in round one, so did the multiple illegal kicks Blanco landed on the face of Healy. Blanco was deducted a point for the illegal blows but he continued to show that speed the rest of the round. Healy gets a slam takedown early in round two and almost got a choke but gets two more takedowns and the third time was the charm.

Pat Healy by 2nd rd. Submission (Rear naked choke)

205 lbs.: Roger Gracie vs. Muhammed Lawal

The start of the fight has Gracie hanging out on the outside of King Mo making for a very boring fight. With less than a minute left there are fireworks as Lawal lands a clean overhand right to the temple of Gracie that drops the BJJ black belt. One more shot to the head by Lawal ends the fight.

Muhammed Lawal by 1st rd. TKO

185 lbs.: Ronaldo Souza vs. Luke Rockhold

Exciting opening round, both fighters landing some really good shots on each other and Souza gets two takedowns in the round as well. Souza hurts Rockhold early in round two but the challenger pops right back up. Rockhold started to turn the tide a bit as the round comes to a close making the round tough to call. A cup check pauses the final round as Souza recovers. When the action resumes he comes back with a trip takedown on Rockhold. The champion is slowing down as the third round crosses the halfway point and the challenger finished the round nicely. Into the championship rounds now and Rockhold is throwing more combos, while Souza is landing the harder single shots. Rockhold seemed to slowdown some as the fourth round came to a close. Like the whole fight the final round is back and forth. Souza scores a takedown but Rockhold lands several good combinations, how will the judges see it?

Luke Rockhold by Unanimous decision (50-45, 48-47, 48-47)

265 lbs.: Daniel Cormier vs. Antonio Silva

You know that saying “speed kills” well if Antonio Silva didn’t know exactly what that means, he does now. Cormier came out on fire with fast hands that dropped Silva early on in the fight, setting the tone for things to come. Cormier took Silva down multiple times but never went to the canvas with Silva, eventually letting him up. A speedy uppercut from Cormier dropped Silva for the second time and two hammerfists ended things for Silva.

Daniel Cormier by 1st rd. KO

265 lbs.: Josh Barnett vs. Sergei Kharitonov

Barnett stood toe to toe with Kharitonov to open the fight but he wised up after getting clubbed in the head a few times. Barnett clinches and takes the fight down, right into full mount and Kharitonov is in serious trouble. Trying to survive the onslaught from Barnett, Kharitonov left himself open for a side choke and Barnett took it.

Josh Barnett by 1st rd submission (side choke)

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