UFC Moving PPV start time back to 7pm PT / 10pm ET


If there is one constant within the MMA community is that change is becoming standard operating procedure. As the sport of MMA grows and evolves it becomes more and more difficult to keep up on all of the developments. MMA has undergone quite the transformation since it’s beginnings in 1993 and as fans who have witnessed the progression from the sport’s inception to present day have seen a radical metamorphosis. Going from essentially no rules, no time limits, and no weight classes to having a standardized system for all of the above, the bottom line is that these changes were necessary for MMA to get where it is today which is the fastest growing sport in the world.

In a continuous effort to please it’s fan base the UFC had changed the start time for their pay-per-view events earlier this year from it’s original start time of 10pm ET to 9pm ET, and that has been the normal start time that we have all gotten used to this year. The UFC has also been spreading it’s card throughout separate broadcasting avenues as well so fans have also gotten used to watching the events in segments with preliminary bouts being shown on Facebook, Spike, and then the main card on pay-per-view. Well now the UFC has confirmed that they will now be switching the start time for all PPV events back to their original time of 10pm ET starting with UFC 141 on December 30th.

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