TUF 14 Episode 6 Recap


If you missed last weeks show tonight’s episode of the Ultimate Fighter season 14 starts off with a good recap of the fight between Dustin Neace and Akira Corassani. Seeing the shenanigans for a second time just reaffirms one thing, Michael Bisping is delusional.

As team Bisping celebrates in their locker room, Team Miller is left wondering and questioning if Akira did in fact tap in the first round.

During the training sessions both Steven Siler and Diego Brandao are getting ready for their upcoming showdown. Dana White thinks both fighters are for real and seems pretty pumped up to see this fight.

Fight #1 – Steven Siler (Team Miller) vs. Diego Brandao (Team Bisping)

Round one: Diego charges in with a flying knee that misses but once he lands he starts throwing punches with everything he’s got. After landing a glancing blow to the head that back Siler up Diego smells the blood in the water and drops his opponent with a left hook that quickly ends the fight.

Diego Brandao advances with a 1st round KO

Team Miller is still up 4-2 but Team Bisping has won two in a row and Michael Bisping is on top of the world, taking it all in. Roland Delorme meets alone with Mayhem Miller and assistant coach Ryan Parsons about his foot that is hurting and swelling. They think he might have some sort of infection and Parsons takes him to the ER.

At the next fight announcement Bisping finally gets center stage and goes on a completely lame speech about Team Miller and what makes you look like an A-Hole. Which if you think about it, Bisping should have added what he was doing at that moment to his list. Where is Dan Henderson when we need him?

The Mole - John Dodson

Fight #2 – John Albert (Team Bisping) vs. John Dodson (Team Miller)

Round one: Albert starts off with some good shots on Dodson but after a minute he seems to be lost by the speed of Dodson. A couple of good shots from Dodson has Albert turned around but somehow he still manages a takedown. Dodson gets up but is right back down with Albert looking to take his back, which he reverses and ends up on top. With two minutes left the fighters are back standing and Albert is beginning to look tired. Things slow down as the round nears the end until with just 30 seconds left both wake up and look to steal the round. As the bell sounds Dodson ends the round on top dropping hammerfists.

Round two: Neither fighter is really taking control of the fight to start the second round. Dodson lands a good head kick and is backing Prince up but he is not really going for the finish. The two clinch and Albert makes a mistake by jumping on the back of a standing Dodson, who easily shacks him off right into side control. Nothing really happens here though and Albert gets back up just to get taken down again 30 seconds later. Albert is visibly gassed and with 5 seconds left in the fight Dodson seals things with another takedown as the sounds to end the fight.

John Dodson advances with by Unanimous Decision

Next week is the final quarterfinal bout between T.J. Dillashaw and Roland Delorme, if his foot will allow it.

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