TUF 14 Episode 7 Recap


This week episode covers the finale quarterfinal fight between bantamweights TJ Dillashaw and Roland Delorme. That will leave us the remaining four featherweight and four bantamweights, which by the end of the show Dana White reveals the semifinal match ups.

Roland Delorme’s right foot is not looking too pretty as it has a big lump on the top of the foot, along with considerable swelling. He was given antibiotics and is resting it in hopes that he’ll be cleared to fight in five days.

At team Miller’s training session Rafael Cordeiro shows up to help the guys on their striking. The Muay Thai champion works technique while the fighters soak in as much knowledge as they can.

Continuing the “bring a guest coach to work day,” team Bisping gets a visit from Tito Ortiz. The godfather of ground and pound gives the fighters some tips on dropping elbows and cutting foreheads.

Back at the house, the majority of team Bisping (minus Dillashaw) sit around outside complaining about the “draft dodger”. Diego and Akira decide to spare hard with Dillashaw the next day as payback for looking for the easy fight. That’s exactly what Diego did during grappling, locking up some nasty submission and overall just being rough on Dillashaw. It’s Akira’s turn now with sparing and Dillashaw is getting increasingly upset with the hard training. When Marcus steps in to spare, Dillashaw starts taking it out on him and eventually the two have words.

Roland gets good news from the doctor and is cleared to fight and spares for the first time in a few days. He feels a little rusty but his weight is on and says he’ll be ready to go.

Prank time! It’s payback time for towing away Mayhem’s car so Miller has several highway dividers placed around Tiki’s car so he can’t drive away. Team Bisping discovers it but they are too late. The card is blocked.

Fight Time: TJ Dillashaw (Team Bisping) vs. Roland Delorme (Team Miller)

Round one: Several quick takedowns from Dillashaw early on has Roland worried about the shot in, throwing his game plan completely off. On the ground Dillashaw starts dropping elbows and gets Roland in a choke that is nicely escaped but when Roland misses a submission attempt of his own he ends the round once again on his back.

Round two: Dillashaw comes out and his second punch drops Roland. Thinking the fight is over Dillashaw raises his hands until he realizes it’s not over and jumps in to continue the beating. Roland works really hard to get to full guard but the elbows from Dillashaw force him to give up his back and get choked out.

TJ Dillashaw advances with a 2nd round Rear Naked Choke (Miller up 5-3)

The fighter’s meet with the coaches and Dana White to discuss the semifinals and who’d they like to fight. After all this White steps onto the grappling mat and tells everyone who will fight who next:


Akira Corassani (Team Bisping) vs. Dennis Bermudez (Team Miller)

Diego Brandao (Team Bisping) vs. Bryan Caraway (Team Miller)


TJ Dillashaw (Team Bisping) vs. Dustin Pague (Team Miller)

John Dodson (Team Miller) vs. John Bedford (Team Miller)

Who do you see making it to the finals?

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