Brandon Saling to Be Investigated for Possible Hate Group Ties


You may have never heard the name Brandon Saling prior to tonight.  However, due to some body art, you may be hearing about him quite a bit more.  The Ohio native, Saling, was fighting on the Tate vs. Rousey undercard against fellow Ohio native and fan favorite, Roger Bowling, with both fighters taking the fight on short notice.

After basically trading shot for shot with the heavily muscled Bowling, Saling was TKO’d early in the 2nd round. However, it was the tattoos that made a larger impression on the audience as “White Steel” is tattooed across his abdomen along with a Neo-Nazi tattoo on his left shoulder/trapezius.  To make matters worse, it was disclosed that Saling had quite a checkered past.  He is a registered sex offender after being convicted of raping a girl under 13 years of age, when he was 18.  Saling also served 40 days in jail after a domestic violence charge when he was in his early 20’s.

The question was posed to Strikeforce’s Scott Coker and he had this to say:  “Well, that was something that was brought up this evening.  We had no knowledge about that.”  “What I can say is that Bernie[Profato] from the Athletic Commission, who we talked to before coming in the room [for this press conference] will open up a full investigation on Monday.”

What they will actually be investigating is not clear though, will it be the fact that he may have ties to a hate group, whether he lied about or didn’t disclose any affiliations he may have or maybe how the heck no one knew about this earlier.  At any rate, I can’t imagine we will be seeing Brandon Saling under the Zuffa umbrella ever again.

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