GSP vs Silva isn’t the only Super Fight out There

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Anderson Silva Super fightThe much talked about super fight between Anderson Silva and Georges St.Pierre isn’t happening anytime soon but talk of potential super fights are not going away. After watching boxer Manny Pacquiao get completely leveled last weekend and his potential super fight with Floyd Mayweather go down the drain, MMA could see the same thing happen to their super fights.

Super fights create mega events, which in turn brings is a huge draw on attendance, sports betting and pay per view buys. The Manny Pacquiao versus Floyd Mayweather boxing match was easily going to be the biggest boxing match in a very long time and would have generated big dollars. While not a big, the Anderson Silva versus Georges St. Pierre fight would have broken UFC records in several areas.

Even though the most talked about super fight in the UFC is currently on hold, there are others super fights out there. Here is a list of “other” potential super fights, but don’t be fooled, they won’t be any easier to put together.

Jon Jones vs. Anderson Silva at Light Heavyweight:

Middleweight champion Anderson Silva has fought three times at light heavyweight and has looked just as dominate. One of those wins was against a former champion and none of them went past the first round. Current light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has also looked dominant in his division and the list of potential opponents is quickly dwindling. Both fighters have said they didn’t want this super fight but Dana White has a way of changing people’s mind. Silva has fought in this division and should he defeat Jones would be the first UFC fighter to hold a belt in multiple weight classes at the same time.

Georges St. Pierre vs. Benson Henderson at Welterweight:

Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre doesn’t want to move up in weight so his bout with Silva seems dead. UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson is a massive 155 pound fighter and has made claims of wanting to be the big mixed martial artist ever. What better way to do that then defeat GSP and rule two weight classes?

Jose Aldo vs. Dominick Cruz at Featherweight:

This one’s a long shot considering the bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz is made of glass and often injured. Featherweight champion Jose Aldo is already scheduled to fight in a super fight at UFC 156 when he takes on former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar but a fight down the road with Cruz would be a draw. The lighter weight classes always put on a show and Cruz has fought at 145 pounds in the past.

The fight that comes up the most, besides Silva versus GSP is the light heavyweight clash between Jones and Silva. Their super fight makes since, would be a huge draw and if it doesn’t happen soon it might end up like Pacquiao versus Mayweather and never happen.

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