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Like MMA Gear, How About MMA Gear at 50% off?


As Mixed Martial Arts continues to grow, so do the number of apparel companies looking to get their piece of the pie. What started out as just a few solid brands to choose from has now become a jungle of brands all vying for your money.

Fan Expo for the first time

The second ever UFC Fan Expo has closed its doors on what will be another huge success and they will re-open in Boston this August. You do not know what it’s like at a UFC EXPO until you finally walk through the doors and enter a completely different world. A world that can be canvassed time and time again yet there seems to be something new to see each time. One so big that things would happen yet you need to watch the news later that night to see what you missed out on that day. For those not fortunate enough to have been able to enter this world here is a glimpse through the eyes of a first timer.