Another Pro Wrestler Crosses Over Into MMA: Diamond Dallas Page


Unlike many professional boxers who have publicly voiced their disdain for mixed martial arts, pro wrestlers have usually been complimentary of the sport. It’s common to see tweets from Jim Ross (former WWE announcer) giving his thoughts on a UFC Pay Per View. CM Punk recently planned on walking Chael Sonnen into the cage for the UFC on FOX 2 event. Daniel Bryan not only trains with Xtreme Couture trainer Neil Melanson, he is also a good friend and roommate. For years, The Undertaker has incorporated many MMA moves into his in ring dance and has publicly stated that if the sport had been around when he was younger he would have given it a try.

In fact, current WWE star Alberto Del Rio competed in PRIDE and had the honor of being knocked out by Mirko Cro Cop and of course everyone knows Brock Lesnar’s story.

It almost seems as if the pro wrestling and MMA connection will always be there.  Maybe it has to do with the wrestling guys getting tired of people saying that their sport is “fake” and wanting to step up and prove to the masses that they really are “tough”. Whatever the case may be it hasn’t stopped another wrestler crossing over into the MMA world.

This time its former WCW world champion, Diamond Dallas Page…and he’s bringing Yoga with him.

Page recently released a press release via Cross Fire Media announcing his intentions to bring DDPYoga into the world of MMA. So far his most notable MMA practitioners include Tito Ortiz, Justin McCully, and Josh Barnett.

DDP didn’t get his first opportunity as a wrestler until the age of 35 and by the age of 42 he was at the top of the sport. His rise to the top didn’t come without a price as all the pre-planned falls and bumps finally caught up to him.

“At the time my wife was telling me, why don’t you try Yoga to heal your body? I said, Fuck That! I wouldn’t be caught dead doing Yoga….I’m from the Jersey Shore, Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Jack Nicholson..Bam Bam Bigalow.  We don’t do yoga.” He said while laughing.

So what caused the change of heart and drove him to give Yoga a try? He ruptured his L4-L5 which caused severe pain in all of his limbs. “I had three specialists tell me my career was over! I was like, it’s just starting!”

After being blown away at the results that Yoga was doing for his body, Page decided to develop Yoga for Regular Guys (YRG). YRG eventually evolved into DDPYoga.

So how does Page answer any skeptics when asked how his system can help fighters?  “I used to have so much scar tissue built up in my knee” said, Page.  “As I learned about breaking up scar tissue I started sitting back on my heels and it was really uncomfortable.  I started stretching everyday and every week I’d get a little lower and a little lower.  I built up all those muscles…I respect a lot of yogi’s, with a lot of them they have great stuff but they’re into their whole spiritually… I’m not into that whole mumbo jumbo bullshit, not that I’m there’s anything wrong with it, but it’s not mine… I can show you how to get strong.”

Josh Barnett was the first guy involved in MMA that he’s worked with and was so pleased by the results that he is using DDP’s system. He’s also working with a lot of young guys coming up in the sport and boasts that he takes great pleasure in seeing the results as they get stronger and stronger.  When I asked him if he believed that DDPYoga could be something that replaced all other conditioning aspects of a fight camp, he was very honest in saying, “Never…this is something should be put INTO…If I can do this at 55 and have been beaten up…you bring this into your camp, into your school…I’ll come in there and rock the house!”

Only time will reveal if DDPYoga will be successful in the world of Mixed Martial Arts but after spending 45 minutes on the phone with him and hearing his conviction and belief in the system; Don’t count him out.

DDP would like to thank his business partner Marlon who can be reached at [email protected]  for any booking questions. He would also like to thank Cross Fire Media. You can visit for more information.

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