Exclusive interview with Canadian rising star Guillaume De Lorenzi

Exclusive Interview With Canadian Rising Star Guillaume De LorenziI was introduced to Guillaume De Lorenzithrough Eric Greig at Fight Sports Managementwho asked if I’d be interested in doing an interview. Eric and Fight Sports Management are clearly behind their fighters and De Lorenzi is no different, being dubbed the “biggest rising star fighting in Canada”. De Lorenzi will be fighting tonight (10/17) at Mixed Fight League 1: The Beginning and has started his career going 6-1. I will follow up after his fight updating how thing went, good luck tonight Guillaume!

[Edited] Guillaume DeLorenzi defeated Sébastien Garguier last night by TKO in Round 2. He now is 7-1 with 6 of his victories coming by way of KO/TKO

You are very passionate in your MMA training. What drives you to work so hard?

My goal is to perform at the limit were i can go…so I’ll go as far as I can and I don’t see the limits. I love what I do, and I do it for my self.

With fighters like GSP, Jason MacDonald and David Loiseau, Canada has a strong MMA background. Who do you consider a role model & why?

Those guys walk trough this when it was at the very first moment of the MMA in Canada, but there is more then that. A lot of peoples who are not known by the fans of MMA who modeled the world that we know now as MMA!!

You are a black belt in jiu-Jitsu but you also have a background in karate, judo and boxing. What would you consider your strengths and weakness?

I’m black belt in TRADITIONAL jiu-jitsu, it’s not the same thing as Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I’ll answer those two parts of the question in 1 answer: my strengths and weakness are the fact that I defend my-self well in every aspect, but I don’t excel…yet!

You are signed with Fight Sports management who has dubbed you “the biggest rising star fighting in Canada”. When that is said does it add pressure to you?

No, I think that there is to many people who are seeing a rising star as the next GSP. No one’s going to be GSP, I’m Guillaume De Lorenzi and I’ll do what it takes to achieve my goals and people can see what they want in me or someone else, it doesn’t mater.

Where do you train?

I train at the Nordik fight club in Quebec city.

You recently defeated Lindsey Hawkes 9/19/09 at Ringside MMA to improve your record to 6-1. The lone lose came at Extreme MMA 7 by rear naked choke to War Machine in round one. You were originally scheduled to fight Phil Baroni but War Machine replaced him at the last minute. Do you think that the late opponent change aided in the defeat?

There were a bunch of things that had affected the outcome of this match-up. It was also a catch weight at 175 pounds and it would have been much different in other conditions but nothing says that I would have won!!!

You’re next fight is October 17th. Where is the fight and whom are you fighting?

The fight is at the Centre Claude Robillard in Montreal city and I’m fighting a French guy from L.A. whose name is Sebastien Garguier 

What are your short term and long-term MMA goals?

Short terms are to achieve more victories; long term in the UFC.

Why do you fight?

The question should be why do I like to fight…because I like to overcome challenges.

You were a police officer and trained jiu-Jitsu at the academy before your MMA career. When you are done fighting do you see yourself going back to training?

I think that I will train all my life but I don’t think that I will be a police officer though.

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Exclusive Interview With Canadian Rising Star Guillaume De Lorenzi
Exclusive Interview With Canadian Rising Star Guillaume De Lorenzi

Exclusive Interview With Canadian Rising Star Guillaume De Lorenzi

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