What is Fightcaps? A look at the dietary supplement

One FightCaps 3 times per day gives you 100% of the vitamins and minerals listed by the US RDA, curbs hunger, and helps your body burn fat. It’s an integral part of the best weight loss program for athletes – or anybody who wants to lose weight and stay healthy.

That is what we know about fight caps but I talked with Eric at fightcaps to go deeper into what fightcaps really is.

1. What makes Fight Caps different for fighters and fans above the average run of the mill weight loss supplements you can buy online or at Wal-Mart?

 I never took a daily multi-vitamin or weight loss supplement before FightCaps. Why? Because they don’t work. There are several problems with your average weight loss supplement that FightCaps set out to solve:

1. Stimulants – A lot of weight loss supplements attempt to make you lose weight by giving your body a jolt of stimulation. The trouble with that strategy is that stimulants can actually be dangerous, particularly in high doses. What happens when you combine your stimulant-packed weight loss pill with an energy drink or 24 ounces of cola? Hypertension, stroke, heart valve disorders… the list goes on.

And when the stimulant wears off, you crash. Imagine crashing in the middle of a fight. Game over. You lose.

2. Fad ingredients – Acai berry is the latest, but there are several new weight loss fads every year, and quite a few of them have been dangerous. Just to set the record straight, there is very little science available on the effects of Acai berry. I’ve been looking – but I can’t find any credible evidence that it has any link whatsoever to weight loss. Acai berry is a gimmick that’s popular only because marketing has made it popular. Brands throw it into their products only to help them sell better. I was talking to a supplement manufacturer earlier this year that told me, “we make a good weight loss product, and put some Acai berry in it, or we make a good colon cleanse formula, and throw some Acai berry in it.” That manufacturer develops and markets products for a wide range of nutrition supplement brands.

Some of those products may do some of what they advertise, but it isn’t the Acai doing it. What you can be sure of is that the manufacturer isn’t being honest with you – and it’s your health on the line.

3. Dose – Getting too much nutrition all at once can be just as bad as not getting enough. FightCaps spread the daily dose into multiple pills you take over the course of the day. When you get more than what you need at any given time, the left-overs just get flushed, or worse, bound up in your liver or kidneys.

4. Masked nutrition – Most supplements actually mask the nutritional value of the vitamins by using cheap binders and fillers that your body does not recognize as food. Those ingredients can hide the nutritional value of the vitamins. It’s anybody’s guess how much of the vitamins you will absorb, but some researchers put the value as low as 5%. Regardless, you end up with the same problem as above – all the stuff that doesn’t get absorbed gets flushed, or transformed into kidney stones and other ailments.

5. Bio-availability – All minerals are not the same. If you look at the ingredients of FightCaps carefully, you’ll notice that there are a lot more chelated and complex vitamins than you’ll find on the typical supplement label. Chelation of nutrients is relatively expensive, and your typical consumer has no idea that it means, “your body will recognize and use this mineral.”

We’re not in the business of tricking consumers. We’re in the business of making a product that really works – that our customers will love and keep buying again and again. We’re in the business of building the most loyal group of customers the sports nutrition world has ever seen – and if it costs us a little more money to get there, so be it.

2. Lets say a fighter is dealing with a injury and can’t do extensive workouts, will fight caps still help him cut weight for a fight when paired with a good diet?

Yes. Paired with a low-carb diet, FightCaps will still provide essential vitamins and minerals. The fighter could do very little activity, and still enter ketosis – a metabolic state where your body burns fat rather than carbohydrates for energy. Of course, the more you work out, the more calories you burn. I would recommend swimming to an injured fighter. Swimming is a low-impact exercise that boosts cardiopulmonary activity and burns lots of calories. It’s also great for developing essential core muscle strength.

3. If someone is 28% body fat + and is not working out at all, They want to change there life, and start a new diet and work out 3-4 times a week What’s the average weight loss % or Pound number this person will experience when adding one bottle of fight caps to their regimen if they stay true to a healthy diet and exercise?

Of course, each individual is different, but one bottle of FightCaps paired with a reduced calorie diet and exercise helps most committed users lose between five and ten pounds.

4. When is the optimum time to take fight caps?

If you want to cut weight fast, take one fightcaps at meal-time with a small handful of almonds (or some other source of healthy fats and protein), and another two or three hours later (or whenever you begin to feel hungry). Take the other dose with a healthy reduced calorie meal.

5. Can fight caps be stacked with other supplements / vitamins?

Avoid taking FightCaps with other complete multi-vitamins, or iron supplements (unless your doctor tells you otherwise).

6. Any suggested stacks to add fight caps to?

Yes. In particular, FightCaps does not contain any fat or protein. You need to get both — preferably from your diet, but if you are in the habit of drinking protein shakes, that’s OK. 

7. Will fight caps help the overall endurance of a cardio workout, like make it last longer?

FightCaps does supply an energy boost without using any stimulants. Many fighters take them before and after workouts to maintain consistent energy and recover more quickly.

8. If taken before a fight, will fight caps help boost over all cardio longevity?

It certainly won’t hurt. FightCaps takes away the symptoms of hunger – and one of those symptoms is the tendency to feel “gassed”. Fighters feel a stable supply of energy while on FightCaps.

9. I see that you get a full dose of vitamins while using fight caps, please go into detail on why this is important for weight loss.

That full dose of vitamins is essential for two reasons: First, it’s the primary mechanism that takes away the feeling of hunger. Second, when you’re cutting weight, you consume fewer calories – far fewer, and that means that you’re getting less nutrition. There is no way to cut calories as quickly as you can on FightCaps in a healthy manner without vitamin and mineral supplements.

10. Will this product give its users the shakes, and if it does what can the user do to calm it.

Absolutely not, FightCaps takes away hunger shakes, and contains no stimulants that might cause shakes or jitters of any kind.

11. Do you have to use this product daily for it to be effective.

It’s best to use the product every day. Your body likes to have a consistent rhythm. When your body is deprived of nutrients, it goes into a famine-protection mode where it conserves energy by holding onto body fat as much as it can. When it’s getting the nutrients it needs on a regular basis, it releases fat stores, allowing you to lose weight without sacrificing muscle.

12. Do you have to cycle off of this product or can you use it year round and still be healthy.

Because FightCaps works its magic using 100% natural vitamins and minerals, you can continue to take it as a daily vitamin supplement. FightCaps curbs hunger and removes the nasty side effects of food deprivation, but no product will ever take away your psychological desire to taste delicious food. When you are eating a full diet to maintain your ideal weight, you’ll probably need a little less. Unless you’re eating an iron-rich diet, it’s probably safe to take the full dose, but FightCaps is safer for daily use than your typical daily multi-vitamin supplement.

My pleasure. Readers can reach me via Twitter at http://twitter.com/fightcaps or the contact form at http://fightcaps.com/contact-us/

- Eric Hamilton

Written by: Matthew Wheeler (Staff Writer)

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