My take on Topps UFC trading cards

Like many others I collected baseball cards when I was young. Even collected a few football and basketball card to when I was young. I remember getting my allowance, going to the store and buying all the packs I could then running home to see what I got. I collected card up until the packs got more expensive with less cards included in each pack.

One of the original card brands Topps and the UFC have teamed up to produce UFC trading cards. In the beginning of 2009 Topps introduced round 1 to a very huge success. They follow that up in late 2009 with round 2 which is what I’ll be reviewing for you. I will use a 1 to 5 scale system here with 5 being the great, 1 being bad and 3 being average.

The cards come in a pack that includes 8 cards and there are 16 packs included in a box. Every pack comes with one special card included, they are random and vary in how rare they are. These special cards include Autograph cards, Memorabilia Relic cards, Parallels and inserts, also the  rare Dual Autographs and Autographed Relic cards.

Price: 2
Trading Cards in general are over priced but a box of UFC cards is roughly $115.00 and a pack is $6.00 so with a box including 128 cards that’s damn near a buck a card. I know every pack includes a special card but it also includes a UFC Undisputed video game card too, so you get a special card and a useless card in every pack.  It was spared a 1 only because of the special cards and the chance of getting a limited edition card.

Quality: 5
You can’t complain about the quality of these cards have. Each card is thick with a nice glossy picture on top with the fighter name and weight class along the bottom. Each card has the fighters record, hight, weight, hometown and birth date on the back. Also on the back is a short description of the fighter giving you the right amount of info without overload. The special card in the pack I got was a Jens Pulver UFC Authentic fight mat relic card that actually has a piece of the mat inside the card displayed in the “U” of UFC. The card is numbered as it’s limited edition of 199 cards and the piece of mat is a part of the mat used when Jens fought at UFC 63.

Look/Design: 4

The pictures for the fighters are nice actions shots, very clean pictures and at good angles. I mean even the Bruce Buffer card is an action shot though they didn’t catch him doing the Buffer 360. The metallic splash where the fighters name and weight class brings out the name nicely and also doesn’t cover up any of the action. As the problem when you put a glossy finish on anything you get the smugs and finger marks which get very annoying.

Overall: 3.5

I wanted to give the cards a 4 but the steep price tag just wouldn’t let me but it’s still above average at 3.5. The style are very cool and the pictures are great, much better then the baseball standing there with a bat in their hand. Adding a special card in each pack is cool because you know you are going to get something just what is that something makes it fun. I can do without the UFC Undisputed video game card but I’m sure some will find it cool with the players game attributes on the back. I like looking at the cards as they are very nicely done but just don’t see myself buying them, unless they are on sale.

Popularity: 15% [?]

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  1. mmaquick says:

    ebay baby, way cheaper than 6 a pack 115 a case, I have seen cases go for 80

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