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We are here floor level for the Strikeforce Challenger Series in San Jose California. We will be blogging live results throughout the night so keep checking back in throughout the night. The night will feature 12 MMA bouts with the main event featuring Sarah Kaufman vs. Takayo Hashi for the Strikeforce 135lbs title.



Last fight of the night andbonus its a title fight and5 rounds too! Round one ~ The first womens 135lbs title fight is under way and Kaufman lands and nice right. Kaufman lands another shit that knocks done Hashi, she gets back up but Kaufman puts her against the fence. Kaufman landing alot of punchs on Hashi andiswalking her around the ring. Missed high kick by Hashi, big right by Kaufman drops Hashi again but she gets up again. Leg kick by Kaufman followed by a left hook and the round comes to an end. Kaufman dominated that round.

Round two starts with Hashi throwing a left leg kick. Kaufman lands a few jabs, catchs Hashi leg and she goes down but gets right back up. Kaufman lands a right hand along with a jab and leg kick to Hashi. Action slow here in the middle of the round and the fans get restless. Kaufman sneaks in a jab, lands a right leg kick as the fans really start to boo. Left by Kaufman, missed hook but right lands right before the horn. Rather boring fight mainly due to Hashi retreating alot. Give that round to Kaufman too

Round three starts with Hashi throwing a right leg kick and finally showing a little life. Doubled up left jabs by Kaufman and Hashi is again backing up a lot making it hard for Kaufman to land anything. Fight is slowing down again as Kaufman is trying to hit Hashi but she is always moving back. Big right lands by Kaufman, another double up on the jab followed by a right and Hashi goes down. Quickly back up though andas the round closes Hashi trys for a takedown. Close round but Kaufmanwins the round.

Round four now and Kaufman connects with a left hook but Hashi is again backing up. The clinch and Kaufman has Hashi up against the cage they reverse a few times and the ref breaks them up. Kaufman throwing a lot of punches but not landing much, Hashi attempts takedown that Kaufman stuffs. Kaufman has her up against the fence  but the break and Hashi goes for another takedown that gets stuffed. Hard to think but the title fight is the mostly boring fight of the night so far. The round ends with both fighters trying to steal the round with a flurry of punches. Kaufman again

Fifth andfinal round – Hashi comes out with a few punches and they are finally trading punches. Hashi goes for the takedown and Kaufman again stuffs it as the crowd is more concerned with Gilbert Melendez leaving then the fight. Hashi goes for the takedown andKaufman gets top control does a little bit but not much as they stand up. Kaufman catches a Hashi kick and punches her down but she pokes Hashi in the eye accidentally. Round ends and the place starts to clear out already Sarah Kaufman wins by Unanimous Decision 50-45, 50-45, 50-45 


Here we go with round one as the fighters touch gloves. Nothing happening early but finally Prangley throws a punch that lands and follows it with another punch that Karl counters. Fans boo as there is more dancing the fighting. Prangley gets the takedown on Karl and is in half guard trying to land some elbows. Ref stands them up because Prangley just didn’t do much while down there. Karl misses with a left high kick, Prangley lands a knee but gets hit with a right that stuns him. Prangley comes back with some nice punches but pokes Karl in the eye and the fight stops, doctor steps in to look and Karls eye is closed so the doctor stops the fight. Fight ends in a Doctor stoppage and the fight is called a technical draw


Heavy fan base here for Rockhold, Round one starts with Rockhold missing a high kick. Bradley looks big , gets hits and goes down and Rockhold is on top but Bradley kicks out. back up now and Bradley lands a right but Rockhold counters with his own right that put Bradley on his back. They get back up and Rockhold lands another shot plus two knees up against the cage that drops Bradley and the ref jumps in to stop the fight. Luke Rockhold wins by 1st rd. TKO


Round one begins with a flurry be both fighters. Tarec is pressing the action early but both are finding their range. Terry lands a right and Tarec comes back with a nice combo, Terry goes for a takedown that Tarec stuffs. Back to the center on the ring now as Tarec lands another nice right hand then a nice high kick to terry’s head. Tarec continues to push the action landing the better shots but Terry shoot and gets a takedown. Tarec quickly back up andagain putting a lot of pressure on terry, round ends and have to give it to Tarec.

Round two starts and Terry looking to be more active here with a lot of arm movement. Tarec lands a straight left jab, Terry goes for a takedown which Tarec stuffs and barely misses a big right elbow. Tarec with a kick that back up Terry and Tarec is out working terry again this round. Inside kick by Tarec, uppercut and Terry get out of there but Tarec is right back in his face. Uppercut lands by Terry but does nothing, Tarec missing a big right and Terry goes for the takedown by Tarec keeps it on his feet. Another Takedown attempt (sloppy) stuffed andthe round comes to an end. Think Tarec is up two rounds to zero.

Round Three starts with a high leg kick by Tarec followed by a nice right hand. Terry Shoots and gets the takedown but Tarec get right up, and Terry has him up against the cage. Fighters break and Terry is cut under the left eye. Nice right knee by Tarec but Terry is a gamer and continues forward. Flying knee by Tarec misses but lands a right and some nice leg kick to the knee. Terry goes for another takedown attempt but nothing, try another and gets reversed. Tarec in full mount as the bell sounds to endthe fight. Gave that round to Tarec too, lets see what the judges think. Tarec Saffiedine wins by Unanimous Decision 30-27, 30-27, 20-27


Round one begins with Castillo looking very defensive on his feet. Not a lot of action until Castillo gets in close and get the takedown but Medeiros get back up. Castillo has him up against the cage working for a takedown but is unable andthey break. Castillo is clearly wanting the fight to go to the ground but Medeiros is doing a good job staying on his feet. Castillo is controlling this fight up against the cage  but Medeiros will not go down. They break and Medeiros lands some nice shots and Castillo is wobbled and shots for a sloppy takedownas the roundcomes to a close. Close round hard to say

Round two now Medeiros is stalking castillo down they clinch and Medeiros land a knee then a combo that hurts Castillo. Castillo is getting picked apart right now and Medeiros is landing a lot of punches anddoesn’t fear Castillo’s stand up. Nice jab by Castillo as he continues to walk him down, lands a nice leg kick and Castillo gets out of there. Fans boo as castillo really isn’t doing much this round except movingaround the ring staying away from the big punch. Castillo shoots but Medeiros is ready and stuffs it, another takedown attempt and another stuff. Round and and clearly goes to Medeiros 

Final round and Castillo needs to get the fight to the ground. Castillo just can’t hang with Medeiros stand up and goes for another takedown, they scramble and Castillo has Medeiros against the fence. Castillo is trying so hard for this takedown but getting nowhere and the ref separates them. A nice left by Medeiros, another nice punch and Castillo is hurt. Medeiros lands a nice knee and the wakes up Castillo who fights back with several punches and a knee that hust Medeiros but fight is stop due to low blow. Fight resumes and Medeiros hurts Castillo again, he goes down but gets back up. Last ten seconds and the fighters stand toe to toe and the round ends. Have to give that one to Medeiros too. Yancy Medeiros wins by Unanimous Decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27

The undercard fights were awesome and very exciting. Was great to see one side on the Civic Center going for one fighter while the other side is going with the other fighter. Crowd has been great and there is a lot of fighters here tonight including Gilbert Melendez, Frank Shamrock, Cain Velasquez and the Diaz brothers.


Final undercard bout ~ Lawson gets Philiips up against the cage working for a takedown and doing a little dirty boxing. They break and Lawson lands some shots and Philiips get in a good knee. Lawson gets a takedown, lands a few and they stand back up. In the clinch again and lawson get another takedown, goes for a RNC and Philiips gets out and now has top control. Philiips now going for a RNC and it looks deep but Lawson fighting to get out. Lawson gets out but Philiips sneaks in a slick Arm bar and Lawson has to tap. Wayne Philiips wins by 1st rd. Submission (Arm Bar)


Last Amateur fight & both are making their debuts – Round one starts with fighters touching gloves and getting into the clinch. finally Bracamnonte gets the takedown and not doing to much as Stewart gets back up and is trying for the takedownwhich he finally gets as the roundends. Close round had to tell not much damage done by either.

Round Two starts and again they go directly into the clinch, Bracamnonte working for the takedown and gets it this time. Landing some elbows on Stewart but mainly working his position. Fight get back up and quickly Bracamnonte gets a nice throw (takedown) andthe round endswithhim on top. Have to give the round to Bracamnonte.

Round Three starts just like the other two but Bracamnonte get full mount and starts landing some good shots. Stewart gives up his back and takes some more punishment, ref comes in and the fight ends. Bracamonte wins by 3rd rd. TKO


Round one starts and Arenal is beating miller to the punch with several shots. Arenal gets the fight to the ground and goes for a RNC and then an arm Bar. Miller gets outs andis now in top positions the round ends. Very action packed round with Arenal getting the better in that round.

Round Two now and the two are throwing some feeler jabs until Arenal lands a big shot, then another and another as Miller is hurt. Arenal lands one more and down goes Miller and the fight is over. Tristan Arenal wins by 2nd rd. TKO


Round one starts and fighter come together and Nguyen gets a bull rush takedown. Nguyen get side control but Tobar get up and slam him. Standing now an they are throwing hard shots at each other. Nguyen gets another takedown and goes for a rear naked choke but nothing. Roundends with the fighters in the clinch. Have to go with Nguyen in that round.

Round two starts and Tobar throws a sloppy kick but gets a takedown when Nguyen comes in. Tobor take his back and sinks in a rear naked choke, but Nguyen is holding him off but its too deep and he is forced to tap. Tobar wins by 2nd rd. Submission (RNC)


Both fighters are making their Amatuer Debut: Round One starts they come together and Robinson strikes first with a right to Salas face. She then  takes Salas done sicking in a rear naked coke but Salas gets out but is still in trouble. Robinson is controling salas on the ground and starts raining down some hard shot that forces the ref to step in and stop the fight. Renee Robinson wins by 1st rd. TKO

STEVE DICKIE VS ALAN LUMMEL [265lb.] Amateur Fight

Round One starts and they throw a few punches then come together, Dickie land a nice standing elbow that hurts Lummel. Dickie charges landing a right then a right kick and Lummel is in big trouble. another shot by Dickie and Lummel is down, ref steps and the fight is over. Dickie wins by 1sr rd. TKO


Round one and Carillo comes out kicking, De Los Santos starts to kick back and we have a kickboxing match. Carillolocks in a standing choke  that De Los Santos gets out of, round ends with Carilloon top. Action packed round by the two but Carillo wins that round. Round two starts and Carillo comes out kicking but the come together and Carillo gets top position. Carillo gets full mount and De Los Santos gives his back up. Carillo sinks in a nice Arm bar as De Los Santos try to escape. Carillo Wins via 2nd rd submission (Arm Bar)

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