My Take on Hayabusa Mizuchi Fight Shorts

Hayabusa Mizuchi Fight Shorts

Per Manufacture-

•Designed with Mechanical PolyDirectionalTM stretch fabric.

•Innovative tie system with indestructible webbing for a distinct customized fit.

•Pro Performance stretch panel and split side seams for unrestricted range of motion.

•Contains Hayabusa’s exclusive GuardlockTM inner grip waistband system.

•Reinforced T3 stitching for ultimate strength and durability.

•Extraordinary High-IQTM odor inhibiting effects.

•Fiber-fused printing technology for lasting style

First Impression- When I first pulled these shorts out of the plastic bag that they came in I could tell that they were going to be a great pair of shorts. The material felt a little heavier then other shorts I have used but seemed to be very durable. All the logos and graphics looked great.

Front - Back

Construction- These shorts are very well constructed. There were only a couple loose threads but everything was either double or triple stitched where it needed to be. These shorts are made out of polyester here is the break down. 90% Mechanical Polyester 10% Performance Polyester. These shorts are manufactured in Taiwan.

Fit- These shorts have an excellent fit. They have a an elastic waistband that works well and and allows them to be very adjustable. They have a very unique closure system. It is hard to describe so I have taken plenty of pictures. The Velcro part is fairly standard but the drawstring part is not like any other pair of shorts out there. It goes through and eyelet of one side of the shorts and then pulls them tight with the other side of the drawstring. Either way keeps the shorts very snug around my waist, and if that wasn’t enough they have a rubber strip going around the inside of the waistband which keeps the shorts from shifting around your waist. Keep in mind that these shorts are a little longer then most shorts falling right at mid to bottom of the knee. They do have a split seam which is also a little longer and have a stretch panel in the inside of the legs.

Closed - Open

Stand up- These shorts work great for the stand up. I had no problems with any sort of technique and they felt very comfortable. My only issue is that they did feel a little heavy but seem like they are going to be very durable. The stretch panel and split seam allowed plenty of range of motion and they did not shift around my waist due to the guardlock waist band system.

Ground- On the ground this pair of shorts does a good job. I did not have any problems with preforming any sort of technique. They did not shift around my waist at all. They only issue that I did have with them is that when I had someone in my guard I found that  the legs of these shorts would bunch up. Not a big deal but still something to mention. Otherwise these shorts felt great.

Front - Back


Great Fit

Closure System

Quality of Logos


Material Feels a Little Heavy

Bunch Up When On Ground

Overall- These are an excellent pair of shorts. With a great closure system and unrestricted movement I can definitely recommend these shorts. You can pick them up at for around $70.

Written by: Jeff Sims (MMA Gear Advice)

**Disclaimer** I received these at no cost for the purpose of review

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