Making the Cut Heavyweight to Middle Weight [48 hours into the cut]

Today had its ups and downs, but overall it’s not as hard as I thought it would be. The only time I get hungry is when I am super occupied (school or work and forget to eat). This diet defiantly lets you know when you are hungry, but the good thing is there is no limit to how much you eat, as long as you stop when full. I have taken some pictures of meals I ate and will continue through this whole blog. I will also update everything I am eating and my workouts. I overate tonight knowing I would get in a good workout, which worked out perfectly. I am all done for the day and about to weigh in one more time.

These were my numbers  before dinner and a workout, my body is absolutely shredding through pounds thanks to some help from Fight Caps (search it above) getting me a jumpstart on my hunger control and energy levels. My body weight jumps around all day long, but I feel the change begin and I am sure the results will be more fluid after week one. I weigh myself every night at the same time, on a calibrated digital scale that measures everything in my body.

Body Weight 211.9

Body Fat 25.9

Water Weight % 53.1

Muscle Mass 76.5 pounds

Bone Mass 9.6 pounds

My Meals – just water to drink today

Breakfast:  3 egg whites, one yolk, sprouts and mushrooms


Snack: Skim cheese stick

Lunch:  Tuna Steak sprouts, and shitake mushrooms

Snack: Unsalted Almonds

Dinner: Chicken breast, with low fat cheese on top with Canadian bacon backed on top of the cheese. Salad Light / low carb/sugar with feta cheese


Snack: jello

After workout

Body Weight 214.4

Body Fat 26%

Water Weight % 54.4

Muscle Mass 76.5 pounds

Bone Mass 9.6 pounds


3 two minute rounds on the jump rope

One 12 minute round on the heavy bag

18 minute run outside (approx 3 miles)

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