Tuff N Uff recap 4-23-2010

Since 1994, Tuff-N-Uff Productions has been one of the leading amateur MMA organizations. Friday’s fight card featured many up and coming fighters, including the 145 lb. title fight between Larry Mir, cousin of Frank Mir, and Jimmy Jones.

175 lbs: Brent Magnussen vs. Ernie Rivera

Both fighters make their MMA debuts tonight and look to make a name for themselves. As the fight started, Rivera had used good kicks and punches that started to connect and forced Magnussen to get a takedown. Once on the ground, Magnussen was able to keep control and land some strikes. Magnussen then moved to a dominant position and eventually finish with a kimura.

Brent Magnussen wins by 1st rd. submission (Kimura)

145 lbs: Diego Melendez vs. Todd Cross

As soon as the bell rang, Melendez wasted no time getting a takedown. Once there he was able to quickly finish with strikes. It was a very impressive performance by Melendez and he moves his record to 4-0.

Diego Melendez wins by 1st rd. TKO

155 lbs: Chris Gomez vs. James Lanham

These two gave it everything they had for three rounds of action. Gomez was the better striker of the two and had no problem keeping the fight standing. In the second round, Lanham was able to get a takedown but Gomez was quick to get back to his feet. By the third round Gomez was swinging for the fences and Lanham was just trying to make it out of the round. Great performance by Gomez in his debut.

Chris Gomez wins by Unanimous Decision

130 lbs: Jessica Sorrenson vs. Christy Tada

Sorrenson opens with good combinations of kicks and punches. Tada lets her hands go and catches Sorrenson with a hard right that rocks her. Tada jumps in to finish but gets caught with a nice combination. Sorrenson lets loose on Tada landing everything, forcing the ref to step in.

Jessica Sorrenson wins by 1st rd TKO

155 lbs: Paul Blancaflor vs. John Hahn

Hahn starts with good strikes and good takedown defense. Blancaflor finally gets a takedown but Hahn rolls him over to get on top. Blancaflor goes for an armbar but Hahn escapes. The second round is similar to the first but Hahn gets a point taken away after holding onto the ropes to avoid a takedown. Blancaflor gets a takedown at the start of round three and lands some strikes that cuts Hahn above the eye. The doctors look at it and let him continue. The round ends with Hahn securing an arm triangle.

Paul Blancaflor wins by Split Decision

125 lbs: Colton Bowler vs. Junior Gomez

As the fight begins, Bowler immediately goes for the takedown. They go down and Gomez give up his back. Bowler softens him up with some strikes and sinks in the choke.

Colton Bowler wins by 1st rd. submission (Rear Naked Choke)

145 lbs: Chris Alvarado vs. Scott Kelsey

The opening bell sounds and Alvarado jumps guard. As they hit the mat, he sinks in a tight guillotine. Alvarado locks his feet, arches his hips and squeezes until Kelsey goes unconscious. Wow. Very impressive jiu-jitsu by Alvarado.

Chris Alvarado wins by 1st rd. submission (Guillotine)

160 lbs: Carlos Caliso vs. Keith Tubin

The round begins and both fights take the time to feel each other out. Caliso shoots for a double-leg and gets it. Tubin tries to scramble to his feet but Caliso takes his back and immediately sinks the choke.

Carlos Caliso wins by 1st rd. submission (Rear Naked Choke)

250 lbs: Chris Simmons vs. Tinei Sua

The “Big Boys of Tuff-N-Uff” did not disappoint. Sua was quick to shoot in for a takedown but Simmons stuffed it and set up a guillotine, forcing Sua to tap.

Chris Simmons wins by 1st rd. submission (Guillotine)

155 lbs: Milo Garcia vs. Garrett Kailpo Roan

Roan attempted to get a quick finish with a guillotine, but Garcia escaped. Garcia then locks in an arm triangle and passes to side control to finish the fight. Roan taps but as soon as the ref stops the fight he immediately protests the stoppage arguing he never tapped. The replay showed the tapped though and the decision stayed.

Milo Garcia wins by 1st rd. submission (Arm Triangle)

205 lbs: John Gettle vs. Erick Kapp

Gettle became famous because of his brutal win in his last fight against William Kowalski Jr. where he locked in a kimura and snapped Kowalski’s arm. This fight ended similarly. Kapp took Gettle down and looked to finish him with strikes but got caught in a triangle and tapped.

John Gettle wins by 1st rd. submission (Triangle Choke)

115 lbs: Ashley Cummins vs. Cathy Snell

These two women went to war for three rounds. It may not have been the most exciting fight but they left it all in the ring. Snell got taken down in round one but was able to land strikes and try for submissions from her back. Rounds two and three consisted of Cummins scoring takedowns and having good control of Snell. It was a close fight that could have gone either way.

Ashley Cummins wins by Split Decision

145 lb Title Fight: Larry Mir vs. Jimmy Jones*

*Mir was originally scheduled to face a Chris Barden but Barden had to withdraw. Jimmy Jones stepped in on short notice.

Both fighters felt each other out for the first minute and then begin to trade strikes. Both landed good shots. Jones then shoots in and gets a take down. Mir gives up his back and Jones is able to land some strikes. Jones finally sinks in the choke and forces Mir to tap. Huge win for Jones and stellar performance for taking it on such short notice.

Jimmy Jones wins by 1st rd. submission (Rear Naked Choke) and becomes the 145 lb. champion.

It was an overall great night of fights. Many fighters continue to improve and have promising careers ahead of them. As always, the crowd was great and showed support for these young men and women.

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  1. Rexx says:

    Actually you reported it wrong on the 1st fight…Brent Magnussen wins by 1strd. submission (Kimura)

  2. Jake Russell says:

    Yeah thanks Rexx. I must have gotten the names mixed up.

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