Episode three starts off with a recap of last week’s fight between Alex “Bruce Leroy” Caceres and Jeff Lentz. Caceres defeated Lentz with a second round submission, forcing Lentz tap after he told his housemates he’d never tap. When the fighters got back to the house the drinking started and Caceres began running his mouth to whoever would listen. The rest of the house was shocked at Lentz, who let Caceres talk directly at him at their fight and why he lost.

Training time and Georges St-Pierre brings in world-class wrestler Gia Sissaouri as assistant coach to train with his team. The team learns what it’s like to train with a high-caliber wrestler and just where they really are with their own abilities. Team Koscheck’s time to train and they are dragging to start things off, which don’t sit well with the coach. After Koscheck delivers a “Get your head right” speech the team finally gets going and ends the practice on a good note.

The teams gather for fight announcement time and since Alex Caceres won the last fight so team GSP regains control and gets to pick the fight. St-Pierre announces that his top pick, Michael Johnson (8-4) will face Aaron Wilkinson (6-3) from team Koscheck.

Both coaches are confident in the matchup and the teams going into the final training session before fight time to work on strategy. St-Pierre thinks Johnson is ready and focused, wants him to circle to the right to avoid the right hand of Wilkinson. Koscheck works with Wilkinson on reversing position against the cage to avoid the takedown of Johnson and keep it standing.

Both fighters make-weight: Johnson (155.5 lbs), Wilkinson (155 lbs)

As Koscheck and his coaches arrive to the training center the decide to play the first prank on St-Pierre by parking their cards super close on both sides of St-Pierre’s car. When he comes out to his car, St-Pierre laughs it off knowing that Koscheck is just trying to get in his head. He is able to squeeze into the car on the passenger side and hope into the drives seat, but it wasn’t easy.

Fight day and the training center get a special guest in former boxing heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. St-Pierre had asked Dana White if he could get Tyson to come in and talk to team GSP. Tyson is a longtime UFC fans dating back to the beginning and honestly looks excited and honored to be inside the locker room of team GSP. Both St-Pierre and Johnson look a little star-struck with Tyson being there, does this add pressure to the #1 pick Johnson?

Round one:

Johnson gets an early takedown but Wilkinson easily gets up and lands a good knee on Johnson as they separate. The two stand a bit and Johnson lands a nice left to the jaw of Wilkinson that staggers him back. Big double leg takedown from Johnson gets the fight to the ground again; Wilkinson gives up his back close to the cage and escapes. Wilkinson gets Johnson against the cage allowing him to get a takedown with lots of time left. Some nice ground and pound from Wilkinson, dropping some heavy elbows as the bell end round one.

Round two:

Johnson opens the round with a superman punch that lands clean and pushes Wilkinson against the cage. After some dirty boxing by Johnson he gets the takedown and moves to mount, which forces Wilkinson to give up his back. Johnson tries to lock the hooks in but is a little loose allowing Wilkinson to escape the bad situation. Wilkinson is now bleeding from the left eye. Quick takedown from Wilkinson but Johnson uses wrist control to get back up and score a takedown himself. With 90 seconds left the two are starting to look tired and Johnson puts Wilkinson against the cage and lands some good knees. Wilkinson reverses and Koscheck is yelling for a takedown to steal the round, but the round ends.

We are going to a round three!

Round three:

Johnson comes out pressuring Wilkinson per the advice on his corner. He lands a left that pushes Wilkinson to the cage where Johnson forces him to the ground. Johnson starts throwing bombs and Wilkinson gives his back up again, Johnson doesn’t miss this time and sinks in the rear naked choke just 37 seconds into the round.

Team GSP goes wild!

After the fight Mike Tyson breaks down the match up nicely Koscheck tells his team how proud of Wilkinson he is, even though he thought he should have won.

Preview of next episode:

  • Mike Tyson gives words of wisdom to team GSP
  • A frustrated Koscheck continues to try to get under the skin of St-Pierre
  • Bruce Leroy continues to run his mouth and Sevaik’s not happy.
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