Bellator Fighting Championships is getting a Video Game

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345 Games in association with Spike TV announced today the launch of its newest video game title based on Bellator Fighting Championships. Available for download on both the Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade and Sony PlayStation Network, “Bellator: MMA Onslaught” will be ready for download summer of 2012.

The arcade style, mixed martial arts fighting game will be developed by Kung Fu Factory, the same people who brought MMA Supremacy. Fans can play the game online or locally against one another.

Online players can go head-to-head against other competitors in random or ranked fights to determine who rules the digital cage.  The more wins a player earns through the ranked online fights, the closer they are to gaining XP and topping the Bellator “Onslaught Leader Boards” for the chance to be immortalized in upcoming Bellator fights live on-air.

Locally, players can compete in different gameplay modes including “Super Fight” mode, where gamers can create their own fighter or pick one of Bellator’s established elite to play against a friend or CPU; “Tournament” mode, where gamers can go up against eight of the toughest Bellator fighters in a single elimination tournament inspired by Bellator’s Tournaments and “Path To Glory” mode, the career option in which players gain XP to level up their fighter though winning various fights and tournaments.

Screenshot provided by Spike

“It was imperative that we create a mixed martial arts game accessible to all types of players not just the hard core MMA fan,” said Dan Yang, General Manager, 345 Games. “Fortunately, with ‘Bellator: MMA Onslaught,’ the player doesn’t need a doctorate in gaming or MMA to enjoy the non-stop action and excitement of the game.”

In “Bellator: MMA Onslaught” gamers can customize their own fighter’s look and fighting style to battle the way they want, whether it be Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing or other styles.  The game also shares tips directly from Bellator fighters through exclusive video content as players continue to level-up and gain experience points, allowing them to learn MMA skills in a fun and engaging way.  For bragging rights, players who gain the most wins and XP will top the “Onslaught Leader Boards” online and can have  the opportunity to be recognized in upcoming Bellator fights live on-air during broadcast episodes.

Bellator: MMA Onslaught Features:

  • Arcade-Style Gameplay
  • One-on-a Kind Grappling System
  • Extensive Fighting Customization
  • Unique Leveling system
  • Play as some of the top Bellator fighters

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  1. Rush-fit says:

    Bellator Onslaught is a game that looks promising! As a big fan of MMA and UFC I am looking for to this as much as I look forward to my morning bowl of cereal.

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