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BAMMA 10Yesterday from Wembley Arena in London, the British Association of Mixed Martial Arts hosted BAMMA 10 which was headlined by Rob Sinclair defending his World lightweight title against Andre Winner. Sinclair won the title back at BAMMA 2 with a TKO win over Nathan Beer and this was his third title defense. Winner came over from the UFC and had earned this title shot with back to back wins under the BAMMA banner.

BAMMA 10 aired live in North America on AXSTV.

Denniston Sutherland vs. Leeroy Barnes (3×5 rounds)

Round 1:

Both men come out throwing hard single shots early, with limited success.  Barnes lands a combination and an awkward jump knee before pushing Sutherland to the cage and working for a takedown.  Sutherland muscles in a guillotine and turns him against the cage, but loses the submission and the position.  Both men trade hard shots against the fence and Sutherland goes for the guillotine again while landing knees to the body.  The hold is lost and Barnes circles out, throwing more wild hooks and a jumping knee.  Barnes pressuring against the fence and hits a high crotch takedown into side control with two minutes left.  Sutherland stalls the fight and muscles out of side control and to his feet, landing knees to the head and body.  Barnes eats the shots and rolls for a sloppy kneebar, but misses and winds up with Sutherland in his half guard.  Sutherland working short elbows and an Americana, but Barnes sweaty arm slips out of his hand.  Barnes muscles back to his feet with a lumbering turn and Sutherland pushes him to the fence before locking on another guillotine, then rolling to his back, but it’s nowhere near sunk.  Barnes ends on top, but close round to Sutherland 10-9

Round 2:

Barnes opens with a mid kick and catches a punch from Sutherland, who then goes for a high crotch takedown, but settles for a trip.  Barnes working a kimura from bottom side control before Sutherland pulls his arm out and goes for one of his own.  This is a total slop fest of grappling as Barnes simply stands up from bottom side control and slams Sutherland directly into mount.  Barnes forces Sutherland to turn to his side briefly, but he thinks better of it and stays in mount with Barnes throwing sporadic elbows and punches from top.  Sutherland turns to his side and establishes half guard, where Barnes grabs an arm in guillotine, but gives up position for a loose submission attempt.  Sutherland is working from top half guard now and throwing vicious elbows, forcing Barnes to turtle and allowing his opponent into quarter position.  Barnes stands up and goes for another weak rolling kneebar, but Sutherland doesn’t move, instead dropping down and punching the clearly winded Barnes.  Barnes regains his guard, but he’s being battered and ends the round with Sutherland elbowing him from quarter position. Sutherland 10-9

Round 3:

Barnes is battered but still in the fight, throwing jabs and hanging back.  Sutherland is leaping forward with looping punches and grabs for another high crotch takedown, but is stuffed.  Sutherland grabs another loose guillotine and lets it go as Barnes inexplicably gives up his back, and then sits down on the mat for a bizarre takedown.  Sutherland begins raining body knees to the very gassed Barnes and allowed him off the hook so he can work more knees from the clinch.  Barnes surges back with wild punches, and actually throws himself to the mat by overextending, where Sutherland moves to quarter and works punches and elbows.  Barnes stands and starts trading, but breaks off the attack to hit a double leg.  Sutherland stands up out of it and Barnes goes for a fireman’s carry but collapses in mid-attempt as Sutherland continues to elbow to the body, finishing the round on top for a clear win. Sutherland 10-9

The judges score this fight 30-27×3 for Denniston Sutherland

Jack Marshman vs. Andrew Punshon (3×5 rounds)

Round 1:

Jack Marshman misses weight for his title defense, so this fight is contested as a standard 3×5 bout, but Punshon will win the title if victorious.  Punshon comes out with a flying knee, lands a low kick and shoots a double to put the champion on his back.  Marshman looking to break down Punshon’s posture as he grabs at the head, but Punshon stands raining down menacing hammerfists.  Marshman goes for an armbar, but Punshon slips it and moves into side control.  Marshman showing slick hips and he regains guard and catches Punshon in a triangle, but can’t finish as Punshon rolls to his side to escape and leaps for a toe hold.  Punshon quickly realizes he can’t finish and moves back into guard as to not lose position, but winds up in another triangle.  Marshman knows he has it and starts driving elbows into Punshon’s head for good measure, forcing the challenger to tap in the first round.

Jack Marshman wins via 1st round submission (triangles and elbows)

BAMMA 10 Main event: Andre Winner vs. Rob Sinclair (5×5 rounds)

Round 1:

Sinclair takes the center of the cage and Winner is happy to move to the outside, throwing several varieties of leg kick.  Sinclair moves forward with punches and grabs for a clinch, but is reversed as Winner throws hard elbows to the head.  The fighters break and Winner throws kicks from the outside again and Sinclair tries to get his range with his hands.  Exploding, Sinclair lands a thundering right hook and a pair of left hooks to the body, driving Winner to the cage.  Sinclair working a underhook and knees to the thigh but a knee lands on the groin, causing a break in the match.  Fight is restarted in the same position and Sinclair snatches Winner into a clinch knee and lands a takedown, but Winner springs up.  Sinclair mixing takedown attempts and dirty boxing and has Winner hurt for a moment, but he circles to safety and ends the round with a sharp uppercut that staggers Sinclair. 10-9 Sinclair

Round 2:

Round starts with role reversal as Winner pushing Sinclair back, and Sinclair throwing kicks from the outside.  Big uppercut from Sinclair who grabs a clinch and puts Winner against the fence, but can’t hold it.  Clinch against, but Winner rifles a hard knee to the head before being pressed to the fence again before breaking off.  Sinclair is looking to clinch and then strike on the release, clipping Winner on the way out.  Sinclair getting the better of the minor exchanges and engaging clinch wrestling before blasting Winner with combination punches against the fence.  Winner taunts but can’t get anything going as Sinclair gives ground freely.  Solid flurry from both men end the round. 10-9 Sinclair

Round 3:

Winner pressuring with jabs and kicks right away, but Sinclair goes back to his dirty boxing tactics, getting a body lock and trying for a takedown.  Sinclair gets a double leg but Winner slips up quickly and grabs a thai clinch, working knees and a solid mid kick off the break.  Winner following Sinclair around the cage as he gives ground looking for a counter, but Winner is starting to land his jab and avoid some damage.  Sinclair rushes and eats a giant clinch knee to the face, but seems unhurt as he pressures against the fence briefly.  Winner hits a hard two piece and taunts Sinclair as he backs away and returns fire with a one-two of his own.  Winner’s hands are starting to get loose and he’s landing more and avoiding the counters with one minute left in the round.  Sinclair gets back to his dirty boxing but Winner wants no part of it.  Round ends with Winner walking Sinclair down.  10-9 Winner

Round 4:

Sinclair starts with a hard one-two and starts landing combinations on Winner before reversing a clinch and pushing his opponent to the cage.  Winner circles out and lands a pair of kicks, but Sinclair returns fire with punches and knees as he backs away from the advancing Winner.  More clinching but Winner surprises Sinclair with a single leg, but can’t hold Sinclair down for more than a second.  More long-range strikes from Winner and more forward movement with two minutes left in the round, but Sinclair is landing the harder shots on the counter.  Sinclair is reversing non-stop and picking his spots, winning the striking on virtue of avoiding damage and landing counter shots of all kinds.  10-9 Sinclair

Round 5:

Last round starts much as the last ended, with Winner chasing and Sinclair backpedaling and landing hard counters.  Clinch against the cage by Sinclair but gets little done before breaking.  Winner is unsuccessful with his one-off strikes as he follows Sinclair.  Both men still in the fight, but the accuracy is way off in this last round, and almost nothing is landing.  Sinclair lands a left hook and leg kick with a minute thirty left, and it’s one of the only solid shots this round.  Sinclair goes for a takedown as the round closes but can’t get anything and slips on a punch.  Winner swarms him as he goes down and tries to capitalize, but the bell sounds to end this title bout.  10-9 Winner

Judges score this bout a split decision 49-46, 47-48, 48-47 for Rob Sinclair

Complete BAMMA 10 results:

155 lbs.: Marc Allen defeated Lee Taylor by Split Decision

205 lbs.: Max Nunes defeated Tony Moran by 1st rd. Submission (Triangle Choke)

205 lbs.: Sam Mensah defeated Mike Neun by 1st rd. KO

155 lbs.: Jeremy Petley defeated Dyson Roberts by 2nd rd. Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

155 lbs.: Tommy Maguire defeated Antanas Jazbutis by Unanimous Decision

170 lbs.: Tom Breese defeated Jack Magee by 1st rd. Submission (Triangle Choke)

155 lbs.: Curt Warburton defeated Lee Wieczorek by Unanimous Decision

185 lbs.: Denniston Sutherland defeated Leeroy Barnes by Unanimous Decision

185 lbs.: Jack Marshman defeated Andrew Punshon by 1st rd. Submission (Triangle Choke)

155 lbs.: Rob Sinclair defeated Andre Winner by Split Decision

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