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LFC 21Texas premier promotion brings us another card with home-style fighters and two titles up for grabs, as the Bantamweight and Middleweight straps are there for the taking at Friday’s LFC 21. We’ve also got two anticipated Legacy Fighting Champion debuts, as Fight of the Night legend Leonard Garcia and professional boxer Holly Holm find their way into the LFC cage.

We’ve got a lot of ground to cover, so let’s take a look at the LFC 21 main card and see what’s brewing in Houston this Friday.

135 lbs. Title Fight: Angel Huerta vs. Matt Hobar: One of the most interesting prospects out of Texas, Angel Huerta will bring his karate stylings to the cage, facing hard-nosed fighter Matt Hobar. Huerta brings a style similar to a hyperactive Machida, using rapid in-and-out punching and stiff, multi-level kicks that had cut down several tough opponents. Hobar isn’t just any opponent however, with one of the best-rounded games in the LFC. Having come out on top in some grueling battles, Hobar will look to keep the ball rolling on his career and roll right over Huerta in his opponent’s home town.

I love Huerta’s dynamic style and you can hardly deny the guy hits like a truck, yet his style is historically the worst possible one to deal with wrestlers. With his lead leg there for the taking and not having the grappling skills to spring up from the mat, Huerta may find himself stuck under Hobar’s suffocating top game.  Unless Huerta tags Hobar’s crackable chin early, it’s a rough couple of rounds for the Houston native before Hobar finds the submission.

185 lbs. Title Fight: Larry Crowe vs. William “Bubba” Bush: Two of Texas best Middleweight prospects, Larry Crowe will bring his insane athleticism and flashy style to bear against the simple wrestling power of Bubba Bush. Crowe hasn’t been all that active over the years, but he shows consistent improvement in every fight, due primarily to his stupendous dexterity and speed for a large man. Bush has logged little fight time himself, though that’s because he’s powered through his last three opponents with ease, though Young’s award-winning acting turned a victory into a DQ.

Crowe is a fantastic offensive fighter, but his lack of defense and cardio have cost him before and may do so again here if Bush can get his game going. However, Bush is so predictable and simple in his execution, it’s likely that Crowe can blast him with something he’s never seen before, making this a tension-filled affair worthy of the title. For my money, Bush only needs one takedown to deplete Crowe’s energy reserves and find the TKO finish, late in the first round.

Quick Reports:

Leonard Garcia vs. Rey Trujillo: Everyone knows Leonard Garcia and what he brings to the cage, and he’ll find a willing and able opponent in Rey Trujillo. Trujillo brings a level of fury equal to Garcia and a similar degree of skill, yet his mat work and fight smarts are on a lower level than the former UFC fighter. This could actually be closer than most folks think due to the erratic nature and power of both men, but Garcia should outlast his foe and take a decision win in an exciting encounter.

Allanna Jones vs. Holly Holm: Some young fighters avoid dangerous opponents, and then there’s Jones, whom jumps directly into the heart of the fray. Coming off her loss to Fallon Fox, Jones will now test former elite professional boxer Holly Holm in what could be a smart gambit for Jones. Holm has some legitimate striking skills, but her level of overall skill is yet to be seen, with Jones having the takedowns and strength to make this interesting. What Jones doesn’t have though is much in the way of finishing skills, and considering Holm’s KO power and cardio, I can’t see this going the distance before Holm gets the knockout win.

Gerzan Chaw vs. Darrion Caldwell: Traditional martial artist and submission grappler Gerzan Chaw will look to steal some thunder, facing wrestling superstar Darrion Caldwell. Caldwell has all the tools to be a world-class competitor, but has shown some holes in his matwork that someone like Chaw could very well take advantage of. Caldwell’s rate of improvement looks to have put him beyond this level of competition already however, and while Chaw can use Caldwell’s inexperience against him, it’s the wrestler who will dictate where this fight plays out. A fast bout is in store for us, as Caldwell controls range, traps Chaw against the fence and batters him for the TKO win in the first.

LFC 21 takes place at Arena Theater in Houston on July 19th with the main card airing live on AXS TV beginning at 6pm PT / 9pm ET..

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