The Fight Report: Bellator 108

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Bellator 108 Main EventTitles, superstars and tournament finals make Bellator 108 a must-see event, with stellar fight potential across the board. Our main event features a fighter chomping at the bit, as Quinton Jackson takes Ortiz injury in stride and signed to fight Joey Beltran on short notice. We also have a heavyweight encounter that should actually be a good one, as Alexander Volkov looks to defend the strap against Vitaly Minakov.

It’s a night of new blood and familiar faces, so let’s dig into the action.

Quinton Jackson vs. Joey Beltran: Taking his first fight since leaving UFC, Quinton Jackson makes his Bellator debut against fellow UFC fighter Joey Beltran. Jackson has tasted championship gold, yet was never able to keep himself in check long enough to retain or regain that status; being his own worst enemy outside of the gym. While age and money have seemingly done nothing to curb his mildly self-destructive side, Jackson has his back to the wall against an opponent that doesn’t have an ounce of quit in him.

Beltran comes off of a less than successful UFC career, though he was never truly outmatched in any fight, no matter who the opponent was. A pressure fighter that really belongs at Middlweight, Beltran hasn’t let his strength disadvantage stop him from marauding around the cage, firing non-stop punch combinations and working an underrated dirty boxing game. While big wins evaded him, this could be a major feather in his cap and set him down a new road in Bellator if he can upset their key player.

This is a fight that Jackson can lose if he isn’t truly focused here, as Beltran’s style is horrifically unforgiving towards someone with a small gas tank. However, Jackson’s overall skills and size make him a terror here, and if he’s on point, I can’t see any way Beltran can pull this off. Count on Jackson being committed to this fight and showing off his boxing skills as he picks Beltran apart, backs him into the cage, and sinks him with body shots in the second round.

Alexander Volkov vs. Vitaly Minakov: An all-Russian title fight pits Volkov against Minakov in one of the best heavyweight pairing Bellator has ever had. Volkov took the title against Richard Hale in a stellar exhibition of his boxing prowess, putting his jab on point and using his height and reach to stay out of danger for most of the match. Minakov will suffer the same reach disadvantage as most of Volkov’s foes, but his judo and sambo background will make fighting in that pocket so much more dangerous for Volkov. This is all about ranges and endurance in a long fight, but Minakov isn’t likely to want to stick around for five rounds here, instead opting to close distance and crack Volkov on the inside. In a furious first round, Minakov finds his range and lays Volkov low before pouncing for the submission win and first major title belt.

Patricio Freire vs. Justin Wilcox: Another tournament final and another Pitbull fight, as Patricio makes it into his third final against Justin Wilcox. Pitbull is one of the most diversely lethal fighters in Bellator, having highly technical muay thai, plenty of power, raw physical strength, and the BJJ chops to infuriate opponents.  Wilcox has made it far on his sheer grit and wrestling skills, but Pitbull is more dangerous than anyone Wilcox has ever faced, and I feel he comes up woefully short in any kind of battle. Wilcox will look to set up his takedowns, but won’t even have a moment to breath and Pitbull unleashes a torrent of punches, knocking Wilcox out cold within the first minute.

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