XFC to Launch the Latin America MMA Cup in 2014

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Mixed Martial Arts Copa (Latin America MMA CUP) to be Launched in 2014

Tampa, FL (December 10, 2013) – Xtreme Fighting Championships (“XFC”) is pleased to announce that its’ joint venture partner, XFC International, has entered into a partnership with REDE TV [Open (Major Network) TV Brazilian Television Broadcaster], to launch the Mixed Martial Arts COPA in 2014. The events will be organized by XFC International; MMA COPA will take place starting in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with the first event on Feb 1, 2014. A reference to the press release by Rede TV! and XFC International made today is incorporated into this press release.

XFC International and Rede TV! (Brazilian Television Network) signed a long-term partnership. In the partnership, REDE TV! and XFC International will feature Latin America’s undiscovered, vibrant, and immense talent pool in MMA. MMA COPA will feature wide-ranging athletes from across all of Latin America.

The MMA COPA seasons will feature ten (10) events that will take place from Feb–May, 2014 (Season 1) and August–December, 2014 (Season 2). These events, broadcast in full HD, will highlight Latin America’s world-renowned MMA talent in both the men and women’s divisions. The goal of the series is to provide the world’s MMA fans, including those in the U.S., an opportunity to discover Latin America’s natural talent in MMA and offerings across the region. The fighters that rise up to be the champions in Latin America will earn an opportunity to compete against the XFC U.S. champions at major championship events held in the U.S. XFC and XFC International collaborated in the development of this series and plan to broadcast their respective live events in each continent, as the U.S. events are planned to be televised in Latin America and the Latin American events are to be televised in the U.S. This bi-directional broadcasting of events between countries is designed to captivate the MMA audience and elevate the fan interest in fighters from both respective series.

“We have always been excited about the MMA talent in Latin America, as many of our current roster of fighters come from all over South America, and now we are pleased to gain direct access to the immense talent the region has to offer”, said Jim Morrell, CEO of XFC. “We see the joint venture with XFC International as a unique opportunity to do something that no other MMA promotion has done, and that is to showcase true champions from multiple geographies as they compete on the global stage of MMA”. Concluding, Morrell said, “We see this series as a ‘fresh’ new element to MMA, something no promotion has done to date, and we feel this creates an innovative way for broadcasters, sponsors, and advertisers to effectively reach current audiences and new viewers alike.”

John Prisco, President of XFC, had this to say, “As a matchmaker, I am excited to see these high-level talent matchups, as winners from each weight class come together on the global stage in a World Championship…this is a matchmaker’s dream come true”. Going on, Prisco said, “MMA fans are going to witness the discovery of some of the best, yet unrecognized, talent in MMA….there has never been an opportunity like this before to see the best in class compete from both Latin America and the U.S.” John Prisco was recently awarded the “Matchmaker of the Year” award at the Florida MMA Awards ceremony.

In the XFC International press release, several mentions were made by:
Myron Molotky, President of XFC International said; “Latin America is a global powerhouse in MMA, renowned for its’ international champions.”

Amilicare Dalleveo Neto, Director of RedeTV!, who played a crucial role in creating this historic partnership, offered; “With XFC International, we see more than just an MMA event…more than just great fighters…more than just an excellent show. We believe that XFC International will lead a New Era of MMA sports in Brazil and throughout Latin America”.

Edward Jung, CEO of XFC International, said “Our interest and contribution to the sport of MMA is quite unique. Rather than forge our way into the current MMA community, XFC International has created a new space in the MMA arena. We have no doubt that the MMA COPA will showcase the Next Generation of undiscovered talent to the world. XFC International will enable these fighters to participate in world class events, not only in Latin America, but also the U.S. and other regions throughout the world.

For full quotes from Molotky, Neto, and Jung, please refer to the XFC International Press release made earlier today. XFC is hosting its final event of the year, “Frozen Fury” in Muskegon, Michigan this Friday, Dec. 13th, live on AXS TV at 9:00 PM EST.


Since 1968, The REDE TV! has supported excellence in sports and visual arts production. Today REDE TV’s mission includes world-class television production for Brazilian viewers. RedeTV! is a Free / Open TV Brazilian television network, owned by Amilcare Dallevo and Marcelo de Carvalho. RedeTV! has modern production facilities in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Recife and Fortaleza. RedeTV! is headquartered in Sao Paulo Brazil, located in Osasco (SP), where its’ new Digital facilities are based. It is the newest television network, among the five major networks in Brazil, being a relaunch of Rede Manchete in 1999. It was the first network worldwide to be broadcast in 3D. www.redetv.com.br/

About XFC

Xtreme Fighting Championships was founded in 2006, with corporate offices located in Tampa, Florida. XFC is a premier mixed martial arts corporation and has televised stadium fight cards in numerous locations throughout the United States consecutively for 5 years, as well as Internationally in Greece. XFC is recognized as one of the top MMA promotions in the U.S. and has established attendance records in Florida, drawing over 11,000 fans to the St. Pete Times Forum. www.xfcmma.com

About XFC International

A joint venture partnership with XFC, with offices in Sao Paulo-Brazil, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Tampa Florida. The Corporate Head Quarters in the U.S. are located in Michigan.

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