MMA March Madness! 5 events / 5 Giveaways

Sunday starts a month long MMA fans wildest dream, 5 events (6 if you count Dream 13) over a 4 week period.

UFC 110 MMA Valor Store deals

Today is fight day and to celebrate we are going to have a huge sale on all the gear inside the store. Plus we will also have a few deals excluesive to a certain brand.

MMA Valor Store is open

I’m very proud to announce that this week the Merchandise page officially opened on MMA Valor.

Fight Durty Limited Sale Happening right now

The guys over at Fight Durty are doing this limited sale on their site for the next 20 people who buy using the code “mwc” at checkout.

Holiday Sale at Fight Durty

Make sure to check out the their Military series shirts, these shirts are very cool.

Introducing Fight Durty

MMA Valor is proud to intoduce Fight Durty as a sponsor.