Kimbo vs. Alexander. Who wins?

CczlUlXxyWcjg4jSince it appears the UFC is overshadowing the TUF final with the Kimbo Slice vs. Houston Alexander fight I guess I will too. There is allot of buzz about the fight as Kimbo will be making his official UFC debut against fellow striker Houston Alexander. This match up is a perfect hand picked fight by the UFC for Kimbo Slice and that should not be taken as a bash on either Slice or the UFC. Kimbo lost his first fight on the show but looked good in the fight until it went to the ground. He also looked really good in the house (editing) and that left me surprisingly wanting more. Houston Alexander is a prefect test to see what the UFC really has in Kimbo & also it will show us where he goes from here.

Both fighters are known for the striking and highlight reel knockouts, plus their lack of a ground game.  I expect Houston Alexander to be the same fighter we have seen before, dangerous standing but a fish out of water on the ground. Kimbo we all know the striking will be there but what will his ground game look after the show and training at ATT. I have heard a few people talking about Kimbo having the stand up advantage but Alexander having the ground advantage. I totally disagree and want to ask those who think that WTF? I think Alexander is maybe one of the few fighter that has a worse ground game then Kimbo did entering the TUF house.

Standing this fight will be pretty even and either one could end the fight with one punch. I don’t expect the fight to go to the ground but I really think Kimbo could surprise us all with a takedown attempt. He realized during the show that he needed a ground game and went to ATT to learn it. He is not going to learn Jui-Jitsu in the couple months he’s been training but he will be better then what we have seen before. I think Kimbo wins the fight in the second round via TKO in impressive fashion. What I want to know is what you think, see the poll below and let me know.

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