What do “YOU” want for X-mas?

In two days the fat man will have come down the chimney left you a gift or two and squeezed back up to the next house.  Now Santa is probably an MMA fan during his off-season practicing BJJ and working his stand up with the elves, when they are not making toys of course. Being Santa though he cannot just focus on one thing (MMA) because he delivers gift all over the world and there are some people who don’t like MMA, though I’m not sure why! So when it comes to MMA gifts Santa needs some help with ideas.

What MMA related thing do you want Santa to bring you for X-mas? It could be a certain item, a fight, anything having to do with MMA. I will be emailing the list to Santa personally, and don’t try to tell me you don’t believe in Santa either cause I have the photo’s that tell otherwise! 

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7 Responses to “What do “YOU” want for X-mas?”

  1. Mmasucka says:

    I have asked for TRX and I’m getting TRX!!!

  2. Matthew2010 says:

    I am going to have to ask for a flip ultrahd camcorder so I can catch some good vids ringside. to bad santa is going to use my debit card this year. Other than that, Iwould like some more work… I like writing articles for mma and different websites and promotions / but freelance doesn’t always mean steady availiable work, even if you work for free.

  3. killjoy_ says:

    Well there you go man!

  4. killjoy_ says:

    I have a flip UltraHD and all my videos on the site are from it. You are a freelance writer huh, maybe you should talk to me….

  5. MaZZacare says:

    I would like more MAJOR mma events in So Cal so i can go to them . Have Strikeforce or WEC through us a bone here

  6. killjoy_ says:

    not many of the big boys go there. Not sure why but they usually don’t sell well there so I wouldn’t expect much, Sorry

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