UFC releases more fighters

Following their losses at UFC 107 the UFC has released Shane Nelson, Kevin Burns, and Edgar Garcia. This follows the released Darill Schoonover, Justin Wren, Marcus Jones, and Houston Alexander after the TUF 10 Finale.

None of this cuts are of any real surprise as Nelson, Burns and Garcia all struggled in the UFC going a collective (4-7). Two of those wins were controversial and in their rematches they lost so you could argue the three only went (2-7) inside the octagon. That kind of record is going to cut from the UFC pretty easily. These fighters had promise coming into the UFC but they were just not ready. Once they get some wins back under their belts in smaller promotions I can see them getting a call back to the big show.

 The four released after the TUF 10 finale only one surprised me and that was Justin Wren. Wren looked good on the show and while he did lose his fight on the finale I thought they would keep him. I think he should that he has potential but just needs more training. I don’t think this will be the last time we see him in the UFC but he needs to get some experience. Houston Alexander won his first two UFC fights and burst on the seen but when fighters realized he had no ground game he lost three in a row. Coming into his TUF 10 fight he was on the chopping block and one defeat away from being cut. He needs to develop a ground game or he will continue to lose and will not be fighting in the UFC ever again. Marcus Jones just retired from MMA and Darill Schoonover has been recalled into military action so their releases are more of a technicality.

With the massive roster the UFC carries these cuts are going to happen and if you under preform then you are going to have to work your way back into the big show.

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2 Responses to “UFC releases more fighters”

  1. MaZZacare says:

    Do jones and Darrill really count? I mean yeah i suppose they would have to bge under contract to fight with them but darrill was already recalled and jones reiterd not let go

  2. killjoy_ says:

    No they really don’t count but they were cut from their UFC contracts so they get a mention.

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