Chuck Liddell has joined a long list of investors alleging Cuesta Title Co. and North County developer Kelly Gearhart scammed them. The suit was filed back in November and claims Liddell lost $1.5 million, from a fraudulent deal over property in Paso Robles owned by Gearhart.

Liddell entered into an agreement to buy three lots still under development for a half million each back in August of 2007. Liddell’s attorney claims in the court papers that his clients were told they’d receive title, but first had to pay the money to Gearhart to finalize a tract map to create the lots.

This really sucks for Liddell but giving money without a contract is asking to be ripped off. Losing $1.5 million is a good reason to want to come back to the UFC and beat Tito’s head in. Watch out Tito, Liddell’s coming to talk $1.5 million out of your ass!

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  1. MMAquick

    I think that Chuck would like to handle this out of court, but his management / attorney are advising him not to. He probably bought those for his family. I would mind seeing chuck Knock these fools out when they leave the courtroom. I hope chuck gets his money back.

  2. Nanci Meek

    Here is more on your Gearhart’s attorney Robert Grigger Jones who was helping him with the indian casino they were going to develop as well as what his attorney/partner Robert Grigger Jones in Atascadero did to our family

    We have been in court for 6 years in Hawaii and Califonria on a what should have been an ordinary probate matter that turned into a litigation involving fraud and forgery on the part of our stepmother and her attorney Ironically our own father was an attorney and politician We are STILL fighting the fight not so much for the money but because we want our father’s intentions fulfilled and the only one’s reaping the profits are the lawyers, real estate agents and the accountants as well as the stepmother’s palauan relatives who already subsist on US dollars

    check it out

    Here is part two

    Nanci Meek


  3. keldog

    Chuck I too have been ripped off by Questa title, and I am the one who blogged in saying I would get in the ring with you for a fraction of what Gearhart took from me and my family, I have case cv 088-068, we should do a motion to join the lawsuits (done all the time and will ultimately happen anyway,) the judge is only going to hear this case twice, once on appeal, I have been on these thieves from the get go and have a filing date of Dec. 3, 08 I have evidence and a current lawsuit, I don’t have a good attorney, because I myself am him at least I know this and am seeking help, yours or any other attorney with any heart, to take this on, even as a coach, 805-528-7006, I would be willing to give your attorney his fees. Many hours of research and discovery have already been done. I was the first to accuse Robert M. Jones of a conflict of interest, which he admitted to and subsequently had to release over ten properties out of his name, deeding them back to Hurst Financial, public record CV 088-068, we should meet, you can slap me later, thanks. Call.

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