MMA March Madness! 5 events / 5 Giveaways

Sunday starts a month long MMA fans wildest dream, 5 events (6 if you count Dream 13) over a 4 week period. These events will be filled with several title fights, new locations, channels and many of the top MMA fighters in the world. To celebrate the madness we will be doing giveaways during each event from a different sponsor for each event. Each event will be something new and fun to do to win the prizes. As usual though you must be a registered member of MMA Valor to be eligible to win, its very simple and rather painless. Please note: I did lose all the registered members recently and we are entering them by hand. If you haven’t gotten an email when your new password please re-register.

Below is the list of event followed by who will be sponsoring the giveaways that night. Please check out their websites as they are all solid MMA fans and more to the point good people. The giveaways will range from discounts, shirts, hats, shorts and maybe more. We are still looking for one more sponsor for the Ultimate Fight Night 21 on March 31st, featuring Kenny Florian vs. Takanori Gomi.

Sponsoring the first event on March 21st will be Bare Bones Gear and they are perfect for this event. John “Doomsday” Howard is fighting on the night undercard and he will be wearing Bare Bones Gear plus they will be on his in ring banner. They have been sponsoring Howard for sometime now and have two versions his first walk out shirt in their store now. We will be giving away some shirts throughout the night so make sure you are following us on twitter, facebook and are a registered member. Giveaways will be announced during the fights so make sure you are paying attention and please tell you friends.

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    Sweet! I’m in.

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