TUF 11 Clayton Mckinney Blog ep. 3

 ”I really apologize for not getting you this Thursday & I feel like a really bad.” That’s what Clayton Mckinney emailed to me along with he blog today. Mckinney is learning the craziness of being a TUF  fighter and the time / demand it puts on your life. Mckinney is still blogging on the site and you can expect to see his episode 4 blog on this coming Friday. As always you can email any questions you might have for McKinney and he’ll answer them each week. You can also check out he on the MMA Gospel radio show this Wednesday at 8:45pm ET.

Losing Chris Cammozi
It sucked real bad when we lost Cammozi, he is a young, tough kid with a lot of heart.  He will be back though for sure. 
The House
As far as the house goes you can see there is plenty of bickering and childish games being played.  Most of the arguing is coming from Team Ortiz.  Just keep watching, it gets better.

The Fight
The Hammortree fight didn’t end up how we wanted obviously.  After watching the fight it could have gone either way.  Hammor never secured the takedown in the 3rd round and appeared a little more beat up than Tavares so I think that’s why it didn’t go his way.  Hammortree is an awesome guy and a great fighter so there is no doubt in my mind he will be back!  Tavares is a very tough guy and both these fighters still have much room to grow in the sport as do most of us.  
Fan questions:

- What was it like coming back to the house after you fight?

Answer – Going back to the house after fighting wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  As you can see I don’t take losing very well at all, but being there actually made it a little easier.  I was surrounded by a bunch of fighters which most of them have felt defeat before so they were very encouraging and helped me get out of my funk.  Not to mention there was a fight about every 3 days so I wanted to be there for those guys when they lost to pick them up as well.
- What was it like getting Seth Baczyski on your team?

Answer – Getting Seth back was awesome.  He is a really funny guy and a great fighter/training partner.  Expect big things from this guy in the future!

You can also check out fellow TUF 11 fighter James Hammortree blogging here every week.

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