TUF 11 Clayton McKinney Blog ep. 4

Whats up guys and gals?  This weeks episode was a good one.  The drama is getting worse everyday at this point.  This episode you see Yager and Uscola bickering a lot.  The whole stolen jacket thing was the reason for this particular argument.  I can understand why Kyacey got irritated and I can also see why Yager got defensive if he wasn’t the one to actually put the jacket in his closet.  Either way they were about to go to blows a few times. 
Fight #1

Ok on to the fights.  Rich and Kyacey was a great fight.  Rich showed he is a legit all around fighter with his striking and wrestling.  Kyacey showed how much of a warrior he is and how much he wants to win this thing.  It was very unfortunate the why things turned out.  I know neither one of those guys wanted it to end that way but crazy things happen in this crazy game of MMA.  I think they will be fighting each other again in the future, or at least I hope they get the chance.  They both deserve a rematch.  The reaction of the guys was nuts.  We all didn’t know what to think.  We couldn’t really tell if the shots hit him flush or not so we were all a little flustered and disappointed in the outcome. 
Fight #2

Yager and Charlie was a pretty quick fight.  Charlie wasn’t 100 percent for that fight with his ankle the way it was.  Guess its turning out to be a season of injuries.  Yager is a very explosive and athletic guy which can pose some interesting situations in the cage.  As you can see Blanchard had a real hard time getting ahold of him and taking him down.  Which was probably his only shot at winning because his striking is a little behind Yagers.  Either way it was exciting to watch and I hope Charlie gets another shot because he is a very talented fighter.
Fan Questions (Email yours)

How long have you been into MMA and how did you start?
Answer – I’ve been training MMA off and on for about 3 and half years.  Ive taken a lot of time off due to injuries and business investments and such.  Fighting is my home and the only job I want to have.   

How do you see the future of the sport?
Answer – The future of the sport is limitless.  Its grown so much in the past few years and i don’t think its going to slow down anytime soon, if ever.  Parents are getting their kids into MMA younger every year.  So we are going to have some hardcore fighters in the next 10 years.  

What are the most difficult techniques to learn and utilize?
Answer- The most difficult techniques are the ones you don’t do very often.  I’m pretty athletic so most everything comes pretty easy to me.  Its just the repetition that is so important.  If you aren’t doing everything on a weekly basis it will be hard to stay fine-tuned, and you end up getting triangle choked in 3 minutes.  haha

In the house we often see you scribbling in a pad, what are you writing and why?
Answer – When you see me writing in a notebook its just me trying to do something with my time.  Ive never documented anything in my life so I decided to just kind of keep a journal so I can look back on it.  It was hard being in that house sometimes so it was nice to get things off your mind and write it down.  Helped to move on from losing and gave me something to do when I was bored.

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