TUF 11 James Hammortree Blog ep. 4

After the fight with Tavares everyone was real cool. Some of the guys thought it should have went the other way and I think it was very close… but enough about that. Yager as you will see is a problem…for the house and for team Ortiz….Yes I think he took the jacket i just think McCray is a good dude and was trying to cover for him…and Tito didn’t know what was really going on in the house cause he was not there and we all were.

Fight #1

Going into the fight with rich and kyacey I was confident that we were going to win and even tho rich caught kyacey with a big shot first kyacey was fighting thru it and surviving. When kyacey got the kimura, and it was tight, we thought for sure he was gonna turn things around….but  then the knees we were all wondering if they hit him or not……I watched it slow on my tivo and I think there might have been some acting….Sucks for kyacey cause the ref couldn’t replay….!

The Aftermath

The house was a little more divided now with the knee…all the red team thought there was no way he got hit in the head by the knees and the blue team thought kyacey hit him and it was a argument for a day or two but it didn’t cause anymore problems…but with a constant problem always being in the house some things are bound to get stirred up.

Fight #2

I don’t have much to say about Yager and Charlies fight other than Charlie was hurt and I don’t like Yager!

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