Rampage versus Evans grudge match

May 29th at the MGM Garden in Las Vegas Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (30-7) is facing “Suga” Rashad Evans (19-1-1) with the winner getting a shot at the newly crowned champion Mauricio “Shogun” Rua (19-4). The two have been gunning for each for awhile, according to Rampage the feud stems back to 2004 when Rashad faced Hector Ramirez. Rampage says that Evans disrespected his protege by showboating after Ramirez suffered torn ligaments in his right ankle early in the first round, which pissed off Rampage. Their next run in was at UFC 96 when Rampage defeated Evans training partner Keith Jardine by unanimous decision. Following the fight, Evans entered the cage and the talking began as they stood nose to nose throwing verbal jabs towards one another.

So now fast forward to about a year ago, Evans and Rampage signed on to coach The Ultimate Fighter season 10. Throughout the whole season the two coaches spent more time arguing and yelling at each other than actual training for their aspiring fighters. Following the season the two coaches were as usual supposed to fight each other, but Rashad v. Rampage was called off because Rampage decided to act in a movie, had a fallout with Zuffa and retire from fighting. Things eventually got figured out with Zuffa, he finished the movie and now this epic fight is back on.

The Keys to victory
Rashad does posses good knockout power but has to use his wrestling and get the fight on the ground where he has the advantage, while staying clear of being knocked out. Rampage having knockout power in both hands must keep the fight standing and look for the KO, using his wrestling skills and good takedown defense to keep the fight there. With a title shot, bragging rites and their pride all on the line this fight should be one insanely crazy brawl and a must see.

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  1. MMAquick says:

    honestly I think Rashads takedowns are better than pages T.D.D. and a fast counter punch early in the fight can drop page as well a la chuck

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