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GILBERT, ARIZONA – STEP IN, LLC, d.b.a. Step In, is a premier lifestyle apparel brand designed for accomplished athletes in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and action sports who strive for perfection within their sport, life and everyday apparel. This new exciting brand has caught the eye of fighters, fight-event promoters, MMA management agencies, MMA retailers, action sport athletes and consumers world-wide.

“We are very excited to launch our new and visionary brand into main stream MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), the fastest growing sport and spectator event in the world; as well as Action Sports, where 47% of people in the United States consider themselves action sports fans. This percentage is growing internationally,” said Tom Watson, Vice President, Sales and Marketing. “With the recent introduction of our summer 2010 line, the focus will be to partner with MMA gyms, retailers and on-line e-commerce sites to increase brand awareness and global acceptance.”

Despite only being launched in November 2009, the offering by Step In has already amassed a solid global following and incremental sales. This brand is for anyone with a passion for MMA or action sports and all things associated with them. Our findings through market research and social media demographics conclude our consumer base purchases products based upon strong graphics, color and the ability to differentiate themselves from others.

STEP IN was founded by two guys who are huge MMA aficionados. The founders, as different as they are, had a common attraction to mixed martial arts and action sports. Their determination to parallel the sports beckoned them to create STEP IN, LLC a Premier MMA Apparel and Lifestyle brand focused on uniqueness, quality, and a brand name synonymous with the sport. And remember . . . You can’t win, until you step in! For more information on Step In, LLC and to see our product offering, visit


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