Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Werdum Results

Tonight we are here live at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California for the Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Werdum event. The night will be capped off with the main event between Fedor and Fabricio Werdum but the rest of the main card is stacked.  

Undercard fights start at 5pm PT and they go live on Showtime at 7pm PT with the main card.

 Below are the nights results along with a summary of the fight.

  • 155 lbs.: Bobby Stack (154.5) vs. Derrick Burnsed (156.75) – Stack by Split Decision 29-28, 27-30, 29-28

This fight was a very good fight that both showed signs of finishing it. Stack got several takedowns and that is what most likely won him the fight. Burnsed did the more damage though and that’s why the fight was a split decision.

  • 185 lbs.: Yancey Medeiros (184.5) vs. Garrith Joseph (185.25) – Medeiros wins by 2nd rd. TKO

These two fighters came out throwing heavy leather and both landed good shots in the first round. In the second round Joseph had his hands low and Yancey took advantage with the TKO.

  • 170 lbs.: Brett Bergmark (168.75) vs. Vagner Rocha (171) – Bergmark wins by Unanimous Decision 29-28, 30-27, 30-27

Brett Bergmark is nicknamed the angry hick and for good reason, he looks the part. Bergmark came forward the whole fight and by the third round had worn out Rocha.

  • 175 lbs.: Ron Keslar (173.75) vs. Chris Cope (175) – Cope wins by 2nd rd TKO

Keslar dominated the first round and looked to be dominating the second round too. Cope caught Keslar with a low blow and Keslar wasn’t the same after that. Cope came on strong after the restart and was able to punish him standing for the TKO victory.

  • 155 lbs.: Josh Thomson (155.25) vs. Pat Healy (155.25) – Thomson by 3rd rd. Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

This fight was mostly a ground fight because Healy wanted none on the stand up from Thomson. Showing the Brown Belt he holds Thomson went for several submission attempts winning the first round. Healy got the take down in the second round and controlled Thomson for most of the round. In the third Healy was taking some shots from Thomson and went for the takedown. Thomson reversed the RNC attempt and got top control. Thompson moved to his back for another submission attempt this time getting it the Rear Naked choke in the third.

  • 145 lbs.: Cris Cyborg (144.5) vs. Jan Finney (143.5) – Cyborg by 2nd rd. TKO

Finney came out trying to stand with Cyborg, which was noble of her but she quickly learned that was a bad idea. Finney got hit with everything but the kitchen sink and at time turtle up but when standing was trying to brawl with the champ. Finney lasted the first round and Cyborg actually lost a point for shots to the back of the head but she still won the round. Finney came out in round two brawling again and paid with the 2ns round TKO.

Frank Shamrock came to the ring to make an announcement….. He is retiring from MMA!

  • 185 lbs.: Scott Smith (184.75) vs. Cung Le (184.75) – Le by 2nd rd. TKO

Smith came out pressuring Le which seemed to catch him off guard. Le figured things out though late in the first and rocked smith twice with solid punches. To start the second round off Le was the aggressor and Smith still looked shaken up from the first. Le landed a nice spinning back kick right to the ribs of smith that dropped him. Smith couldn’t recover and Le landed another shot and the ref stepped in to end the fight.

  • 265 lbs.: Fedor Emelianko (229) vs. Fabricio Werdum (238.5) – Werdum by 1st rd. Submission (Triangle choke / Armbar)

WOW this fight did not last very long at all, Fedor manded a great left that dropped Werdum. Fedor went in for the kill and got sloppy with a top level BJJ fighter and Werdum slapped on a triangle choke with a side of armbar. Fedor hung on for a little bit but it was very deep and was forced to tap out 1:09 seconds into the first round.

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