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What is the best case scenario for Strikeforce tonight?

IMG 17011 300x225 What is the best case scenario for Strikeforce tonight?Tonight in San Jose, California arguable the biggest Strikeforce event will take place inside the HP Pavilion. What makes this event so big is the world’s number one male and female fighters will be on the same first card, something that has never happened before. Throw in that its Fedor Emelianenko debut in Strikeforce’s home base of San Jose and expect big things.

Fedor will be facing his toughest opponent in years when he steps in the cage tonight against Fabricio Werdum. This fight is big for not only the two fighters in the cage but also for Strikeforce and its future.  

Depending on how this fight plays out in tonight’s main event could set up something big or something very disastrous for the promotion. How things will play out does not have everything to do with who wins either.

There are three scenarios that can play out tonight for the raising promotion and its heavyweight division.  

Worst Case Scenario is a Fedor win tonight setting up the fight all fans are clamoring to see; Fedor versus Alistair Overeem for the Heavyweight championship. Sounds like the best case scenario but it all change if Fedor and M-1 Global turn down the fight. Overeem has claimed Fedor has been ducking him for years and if he is that more will seriously damage what Strikeforce has been building.

Safest Scenario is a victory by the underdog Fabricio Werdum, taking down the Emperor who hasn’t lost in almost 10 years. Werdum would most likely earn a shot at Overeen who Werdum has already defeated once. Not the sexiest fight but very marketable for Strikeforce and after beat Fedor the fans will want to see it.

Best case Scenario of course is Fedor defeating Werdum and when offered the fight with Overeem he accepts it. A Fedor versus Overeem fight would be the biggest fight Strikeforce has ever held and easily sell out wherever the event would be held. The fight could have both the Strikeforce and WAMMA heavyweight belts on the line and should the promotion look to hold a PPV this fight would be the perfect main event for that.

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