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UFC 116 Preview

Ufc116 poster medium 239x300 UFC 116 PreviewEveryone knows there is going to be a clash of Titans this weekend when Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin step into the cage. There is Brock Lesnar who seems to be the fastest moving Heavyweight and accomplished wrestler (106-5 NCAA Div 1 champ) who has dropped every opponent he has faced with punches standing and seems to be ever improving. Then there is Shane Carwin who has the largest hands in the UFC and every time he seems to touch someone they go to sleep, he’s undefeated with all first round finishes.

 Brock has been training serious BJJ with Rodrigo Medeiros who is one of the best in the game, and has been also refining his boxing with world class trainers. Shane Carwin seems to always improving as well at Greg Jacksons always around the UFC Elite to fine tune his fighting.  However you see this it’s a hard fight to call and will defiantly live up to the hype.

Worth the price of the PPV but that’s not all…

There is an epic fight in the making, and fans should run up and give Joe Silva a hug for this one. Chris Lytle is a scraper, and if you seen some of his wars he almost loves bringing the pain over going for a quick finish. In the Kevin Burns and Paul Taylor fight he would stalk around the ring and just destroy the body with hard shots with a smirk on his face. Out of his last 7 fights he has had 6 bonuses, 4 being fight of the night, 1 KO of the night, and one submission of the night. This guy is the definition of an exciting fighter.

Then you have Matt brown who looks to avenge his loss to Chris Lytle before he entered the UFC. Matt brown is a crafty fighter who never backs down even when hurt and is always pressing for the win. He has a mean stare and is very intimidating in his movements and stalking of fighters. We as true MMA fans are ready for this fight and know it will be great.

We also have a tough match between new UFC heavyweights to start the two camps (Greg Jackson, and death clutch) grudge of the night, between between Brendan Schaub and Chris Tuchscherer.  The last two fights on the card is a rematch, where a head but stopped Stephan Bonnars comeback vs. Krzysztof Soszynsk and Chris Leben as he goes for 2 knock outs in 3 weeks vs. Sexyama.

UFC 116 – don’t let this one pass you buy.

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A college student residing in Arizona, coming off of active duty and continuing to work for the government. I hold a black belt in Hapkido, and have high school wrestling experience paired with multiple grappling tournaments. I spent six months training Authentic Muay Thai and now I am currently enrolling in Gracie B.J.J/MMA this week. I plan on starting my amateur fighting Career sometime late this year to early next year and also plan on entering B.J.J. tournaments through the year.

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  1. Aram says:

    Never really liked Brock and now I kind of hate him. Carwin will outmatch Brock (I know I base it on abolsutely nothing :P)

  2. Joshua Wood says:

    You don’t need to base it on anything, it’s your opinion. Going to be a fun night of fights though

  3. MMAquick says:

    especially since me and josh are going to be there live!

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