The year is almost over and despite a year to forget with injuries there were enough great fights for the UFC Ultimate Fight Collection to return for the third year in a row. For those unfamiliar, the UFC Ultimate Fight Collection 2012 is the best 200 fights inside the Octagon between July 2011 (UFC 132) and June 2012 (UFC 147) all in a 20 DVD box set.

Anchor Bay Entertainment and the Ultimate Fighting Championship bring fans over 50 hours of footage, including more than 75 fights never before available on DVD with the UFC Ultimate Fight Collection 2012 and it set to hit store shelves on November 6th. Lucky enough to get our hands on one before they hit stores we wanted to bring are fans an exclusive product review of this great collection. 

UFC Ultimate Fight Collection 2012


The UFC Ultimate Fight Collection 2012 comes in a rectangular hard cover case with a hard cover booklet that slides out of the left side. The cover and book insert art is a slightly holographic picture of current UFC heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos and Frank Mir from their UFC 146 title bout (pictured). Both the case and booklet are very sturdy, are structured nicely and should last a long time with normal usage.

UFC Ultimate Fight Collection 2012

Inside view of booklet

The booklet contains 12 cardboard pages and opens to a two page listing of all 20 DVD’s included in the collection, along with what event and fights from said event are included on each disc. While this is displayed cleanly and very easy to read, the absence of the events date is strangely missing. The next 10 pages of the booklet have sleeves for two DVD’s on each page with the disc number printed under the DVD. Only half of the DVD is shown, leaving lots of blank space from the middle of the page down.

That area would have been a perfect place for a brief description of the event, a picture of the event poster or even one of the fights on the above DVD.


Once you put in the desired DVD and get past the usual legal mumbo-jumbo you are treated to a main menu of music and a slide show of fight images similar to packaging. At the bottom you find the menu options where you can choose to watch the event or go to the chapters.

When you click the Event you get a highlight video of the event you are about to watch that concludes with the name of the event and date when it took place. You then move to the first fight and each fight after that from that event. Not every fight from the event is included, only the ones picked to make the 200 fights in the UFC Ultimate Fight Collection 2012

When you click chapters you are taken to a different screen that shows the event along with the fights listed below it. You can choose any of the fights on the disc from here and you’ll watch the fight exactly how you would if you were watching it live, including the tale of the tape and post fight interview. Note that the next fight will automatically start right after the completion of the fight you were just watching.

Fights that you can expect to see in the UFC Ultimate Fight Collection 2012 include the following: Dan Henderson vs. Shogun Rua at UFC 139, Jon Jones vs. Lyoto Machida at UFC 140 and Anderson silva vs. Yushin Okami from UFC Rio.

Video Quality:

The UFC Ultimate Fight Collection 2012 comes in DVD format only, so you’re getting a good quality picture Enhanced for Widescreen TV’s, just not the crisp picture that you’d get with a Blu Ray.


At a suggested retail price of $134.99, the UFC Ultimate Fight Collection 2012 will be a shock to the system at first glance. You are getting a lot for your money, 200 fights and 50 hours on 20 discs comes out too just under .68 cents a fight, $2.70 an hour or $6.75 per DVD. The is also just the suggested retail price, we found that you can pre-order the set on Amazon right now for just $96.29.


The UFC Ultimate Fight Collection 2012 is a great collect of the best fights inside the Octagon over a 12 month span. Yes there could have been a little more detail inside the booklet that would have put it over the top but really that’s just nitpicking. The UFC Ultimate Fight Collection 2012 delivers the goods and would be a perfect addition to any mixed martial arts fans collection.

We don’t do this kind of stuff often so if you liked the review please let us know.

If you’re thinking of getting the UFC Ultimate Fight Collection 2012 you might want to check back here on Saturday as we will be giving one away.

Product Review: UFC Ultimate Fight Collection 2012

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11 Responses

  1. Scream13

    Favorite fight of the time you mentioned for me is Henderson Vs Shogun. That was a special in MMA and it was an absolute pleasure to watch every single second. This was possibly a fight of the decade, and has easily cracked the top ten fights of all time in my opinion.

  2. Barry winthrope

    I know it was short but Kongo vs Barry was freaking incredible!
    the UFC has so many amazing fights thats its overwhelming when you sit and actually think about it lol
    good god! haha

  3. Barry winthrope

    Barry winthrope wrote:

    I know it was short but Kongo vs Barry was freaking incredible!
    the UFC has so many amazing fights thats its overwhelming when you sit and actually think about it lol
    good god! haha

    ooops, i was one month too early so i’ll go with Johnson vs. McCall I
    damn judges ruined it though!

  4. Matthew Stephens

    Hey Fellas,

    I would say deffinately Dan Henderson vs Shogun. It was a great back and forth that showcased both of their talents well. Hendo landing the H Bombs and Shogun Eating them UP.

    -Matthew Stephens

  5. Bonnie Stephens

    I have to agree with my husband. Hendo beating shogun was pretty good. I have always liked Hendo from the time he beat bisping the dick.

    Plus he was awesome on his cameo on king of queens.

  6. Mike Lusk

    Jones vs Machida. It was suppose to be Jones’ first real test. Machida loses for the first time by submission. Very impressive!

  7. Garrett

    A lot of people going with Hendo Shogun huh? As good as that fight was, I found the heart and will of those guys to be more impressive then the action and technique itself. I like to see a back and forth war finished, or something I HAVE to see to believe. I had no trouble believing what those two Pride legends did that night.
    I had to see what exactly Nick Diaz did to Bj Penn’s face to believe that shit. Nobody, not even GSP could do what Diaz did to Penn that night.
    But my choice would have to be watching Edson Barboza (favorite fighter at 155) trading Muay Thai blows with Terry Etim for three rounds in Brazil and ending it with the only spinning round house headkick knock out in UFC history, and it was perfectly executed.

  8. Amanda

    More shogun hendo talk? The fight was fantastic but slightly overrated. I found the Edgar Maynard 3 fight to be just as entertaining, just as back and forth, just as much heart only that fight had a come from behind finish! Once again Edgar got mauled but this time he came back with an awesome finish to retain his belt! What’s bigger than a title fight? A come from behind TKO finish title fight!!!! Only title fight with so much drama (IN THE CAGE) all year! !!!

  9. Mark

    Hendo vs Shogun was one of, if not the most exciting fights in the octagon. The fight took place standing, clinching, and on the ground. There were multiple knockdowns and near finishes. It was completely back and forth and if you watched it live you were definitely at the edge of your seat the whole time. That fight is what MMA is all about.

  10. Paige

    My favorite fight of the year was Jamie Varner vs Edson Barboza. Everyone loves a good underdog story, and Varner was certainly that. A former WEC champ who had fallen on hard times and was given no chance in a short notice fight against one of the brightest young stars in a stacked lightweight division.

    Not only did he beat the unbeaten Barboza, he took some solid leg kicks at the beginning, but from then on dominated him, scoring a first round KO.

    It is to this day the only fight I’ve ever lost voice because of. Happy to see Varner back where he belongs.

  11. Fleek

    As exciting as it was, Hendo/Shogun is just too obvious as a pick for a favorite fight. So, with that said…

    I pick Nate Diaz vs. Donald Cerrone. Nate put on an absolute clinic and whooped that a$$. He shut A LOT of people up with his destruction of Cowboy and the win earned him a #1 Contendership fight against Jim Miller. Exciting fight – loved every minute and would be just as excited to watch Diaz/Cerrone 2 if it were to ever happen.

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