Cain Velasquez defeats Brocktober

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Topping off an interesting night of Fights at UFC 121, Cain Velasquez improved his perfect record to nine wins and zero losses, eight of which coming via Knockout or TKO. This is bittersweet to Velasquez fans who have heard from many different outlets that Cain does not have power in his hands, and will be too small for a wrestling powerhouse like Brock Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar came into the fight knowing he was the bull, and immediately rushed for a takedown where he knew he would have the advantage and control. Cain caught him and they locked horns in the middle of the ring. Brock eventually forced Cain against the cage and scored a nice takedown. At this point of the fight Brock had already shown great improvements in his grappling abilities, but Cain’s game plan knew that Brock would be chasing side control so when he attempted to pass, Cain hip escaped and stood right back up.

The crowd went nuts as Cain and Brock exchanged striking, Brock also showed improvement in his strikes, landing a nice right hand on the iron jaw of Cain. At this point of the fight Brock pressed Cain against the cage and eventually slams him down for takedown number 2, and the tide changed.

When Brock shot the takedown he did not clasp his hands together and as fast as Cain was down, he was back on his feet with a very impressive switch reversal standup. Cain then landed a high hip toss / single leg on Brock to score a takedown of his own. On the ground Cain passed to knee on belly position and carefully picked his shots to make them count so he would not gas himself out.

After a while on the ground Brock was able to get back up and the two were standing again. Cain let his hands go once again tagging Brock multiple times and had a vicious Knee then uppercut combination that made Brock stumble around the cage. Once Lesnar stopped stumbling he found himself on the ground with Cain putting a beating on him that left him a bloody mess and ultimately ended the fight.

The fight seemed to never leave 100% full speed for both fighters and the 4:12 that the fight lasted it really felt like a one minute fight. Once Herb dean stopped the fight the Fans in LA erupted in their loudest battle cry, but Cain stayed humble and simply raised his hands. Cain was fighting for his gym, his family, his fans, and his culture.

In a year where the great champions like BJ Penn, Machida, Fedor and Aoki fail we add one more name to the list, Brock Lesnar. Brock has a hunger in him to compete, yet is still green / new to MMA, and we seen the last of him. Fans better still believe Brock can dominate any heavyweight in the world if he refines his striking a little more, and he will be back with a vengeance.

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