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Seth Baczynski Defeats Tim McKenzie with One Arm

| December 3, 2010 | Reply

seth baczynski 219x300 Seth Baczynski Defeats Tim McKenzie with One ArmWe have all heard the saying “I could beat you with one arm tied behind my back” at some point in our life, but probably blow it off as just another stupid saying. If you watched Tachi Palace 7 last night in Lemoore, California you would have witnessed the saying first hand (pun intended).

Seth Baczynski (11-6) from season 11 of The Ultimate Fighter took on UFC and WEC veteran Tim McKenzie (12-7). The fight would only last 2:15 into the first round, but it was the last 90 seconds of the fight that was amazing.

After Baczynski landed a knee that dropped McKenzie, it looked as if the fight would quickly be over. The head of McKenzie was partially protected by the padding of the cage which kept him from taking serious damage. When Baczynski tried to move to side control, McKenzie rolled out to his knees and Baczynski attempted to take his back. McKenzie then rolled back to guard where he ate a few hammer fists, but Baczynski left an arm out there and McKenzie quickly locked in the armbar.

The submission was very deep and Baczynski rolled to his back where McKenzie cranked even harder on the arm. Baczynski then rolled once more and got to his knees where his arm continued to moved into every position it’s not suppose to be.

Right as the referee was going to stop the fight and the announcers yelled “I think it’s broke”, Baczynski escapes and starts punishing McKenzie with his one good arm. After six right elbows and a few hammer fists for good measure, referee Josh Rosenthal stopped the fight.

Clearly the left arm of Baczynski was badly damaged but with his one good arm he was able to hand McKenzie his third straight defeat.

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